How to Deal with Fake Virus Warning

Warning! Fake Virus Alerts

Nearly all internet warnings are fake. As you browse the web, pop up virus infection warning may appear. If you're scared of virus on your computer you can be an easy target.

Fake virus alerts are known as "scareware". These warning messages are meant to scare a user. They claim that your computer had been infected by a virus. Users are asked to scan and fix this by visiting malicious websites or downloading anti-virus.

The warning is the viruses itself!

Interacting with scareware invites malware to your computer which may damage your computer. They can also use this as a way to get data on your computer that can further be used for hacking and identity theft.

How to Deal with Fake Virus Warning

  • Be Calm
    Do not panic believing that your computer has viruses. Once you panicked you might just click the warning as the best solution without even thinking.
  • Say No to Temptation
    Don’t click "No" or "Cancel," or even the "x" as well as links anywhere of the warning. In some cases these buttons can actually trigger the program to activate.
  • Shutdown your browser
    For Windows user:  press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open your Task Manager, and click "End Task"
    For Mac users: press Command + Option + Q + Esc to "Force Quit"

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