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Plumbing Services and Water Treatment in Marin County by Marin H2O

Water plumbing and treatment servicesKahl Consultants client Marin H2O offers plumbing services and water treatment in Marin County. For Marin H2O we recently revamped their website into a mobile friendly Wordpress site

When you need help with your Marin County home or business water systems, contact Marin H2O for prompt, courteous service.

Marin H2O offers water treatment services for pure filtered water – such as water softeners, home filters, and drinking water systems. They also offer plumbing construction and and remodels, as well as plumbing emergency service in Marin County – from Mill Valley to San Rafael and Novato and anywhere in between!


Some of the many services that Marin H2O provides:

Leaky Faucet Repairs And Replacement

Dishwasher Installation

Icemaker Hookup

Toilet Bowl Repair And Replacement

New Faucet Installation

Shower Diverter Repair And Replacement

Sewer And Drain Cleaning

Waterline Repair And Replacement

Water Heater Repair And Replacement

Sewer Line Repairs

Electronic Leak And Sewer Location

Inline Video Inspection

Garbage Disposal Repair And Replacement

Floor And Wall Furnace Repair And Replacement

Tankless Water Heaters

Earthquake Shutoff Valves

Water Heater Strapping

Copper Re-Piping (Eliminates Rusty Water)

Sump And Sewer Ejector Pumps

Pond And Fountain Pumps

Hot Water Circulation Pumps

Dishwasher And Stove Hookups

Gas Barbecue Hookups

Water Filter Installations For Entire House Or Point-Of-Use (I.e. Kitchen Sink)

Gas Pressure Testing

Washer And Dryer Hookups

Hose Bib Installation

Pool Heater Gas Lines

Boiler Repairs

Shower Heads

Gas Line Repair And Replacement

Safety Grab Bars

Sewer Clean Out Installations

Fireplace Log Lighter Valves

Ceiling And Wall Leaks

Hydro Jetting Sewer Lines

Backwater Valves

Pressure Regulators (Water Pressure Testing)

Laundry Trays

Water Heater Relocation

Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry And Utility Room Installations And Upgrades.

Urinal And Flushometer Toilets

Correct All Plumbing Violations

Roof And Area Drain Cleaning

Sewer Clean Out

Drain Cleaning


Water Softeners

Hard water contains dissolved minerals that form deposits inside your heaters, washers, and other water-using appliances. These make them work harder than necessary.

Marin H2O installs water softeners that condition your water and deliver soft water throughout your home. They offer a Portable Exchange Service water softener, considered a smart, environmentally conscious way to enjoy the benefits of soft water.

Home Filters

If your water system does not have a filter, you are a filter. Let Marin H2O install a reverse osmosis home filtration system to provide you with delicious, pure drinking water. The system reduces contaminants as small as an atom. They offer environmentally preferred water filtration systems with recyclable components, reducing landfill waste and saving resources.

Drinking Water Systems

Culligan bottle-less cooler systems offer the latest advantages in technology to treat your existing water supply and provide your home or office with an endless supply of hot and cold drinking water.

Whether your system utilizes advanced carbon filtration or state-of-the-art reverse osmosis, Culligan can provide the highest quality water at the touch of a button. These systems refill automatically, so you don’t need to keep a supply of bottles on hand.

De-ionized Water

Ions from minerals such as sodium, calcium, iron, copper, chloride, or bromide are present in most tap water. De-ionization is a physical process that uses specially-manufactured ion exchange resins to bind to, filter out, and remove mineral salts from the water. Because the majority of water impurities are dissolved salts, de-ionization produces a high purity water. Our portable exchange tank provides service for high purity water applications such as spot-free rinsing for commercial service companies that wash boats and planes.


Marin H2O plan, organize and design plumbing systems specifications for remodels or new construction. They work with your architect, contractor, and designer to achieve your esthetic and financial goals.

Types of remodels:




Sewer lateral


Their goal is to provide long-term quality and service.


Plumbing emergencies require an immediate response. Your phone call will be answered by a real person, and a plumber will arrive quickly to solve and repair your plumbing problem, whether simple or complex.


Marin H2O Plumber with sewer video equipment Waste Line/ Drain Line Management:

We can’t crawl into your pipes, but the next best thing is to survey your system using a video camera. A color camera inserted into the pipeline becomes our eyes, finding damaged or blocked sections that need to be cleared, replaced or repaired. In case of blockage, we offer full rooter service to cut away any aggressive tree roots that have invaded your sewer lines.


Performs Expert Water Heater Installation and Repair Services

There are several reasons to install a water heater. Whether you are prepping your home for resale and want to increase its property value or simply want to make your family more comfortable, a water heater is an investment. With our help, you can make the right choice in installing a water heater that serves you efficiently for many years. With our expert advice, you will make the right choice in purchasing a water heater. Apart from our product range, we also offer installation, repairs and maintenance services on water heaters.

When selecting a new water heater for your home, choose a water heating system that will not only provide enough hot water but also that will do so energy efficiently, saving you money. This includes considering the different types of water heaters available and determining the right size and fuel source for your home.


Our services include natural gas line installations.


We can install systems that safely reclaim waste water or harvest and store rainwater for efficient use in your garden.


Richard Williams III grew up working in the company that his grandfather founded in 1961, and learned that old-fashioned integrity and honesty were our most important products. They still are. Richard III founded Marin H2O and merged it with my family’s water treatment company, Marin Refined Water Systems, to bring you a broader range of services. Marin H2O assures that you can still count on to their top-notch, guaranteed work.

With one phone call, you now get plumbing construction and repair, delivery of our pure bottled water or installation and maintenance of our water treatment programs.

For Plumbing and water treatment services call Marin H2O at 415.479.8411. Visit www.marinh2o.com

Canadian American School offers Primary School, Nursery & Kindergarten Multi Language Learning.

Manila Primary School Canadian AmericanCanadian American School is a Preschool & Primary education that follows a North American curriculum with a distinct focus on early multilingual learning that builds self-identity in a diverse, multicultural environment. Located in the heart of Makati and the business district area of the Philippines CAS hired Kahl Consultants to build and promote website for the newly opened International school.

Canadian American School Manila offers an international standards-based PK – 8 education with unique curricular programs in Preschool (Nursery, Toddlers, & Tots), Primary School (K – Grade 8), as well as modified and inclusive Special Education (2 – 14 Years) courses. Secondary School (Grade 9 – 12) programs will be offered in successive years as enrollment rises. 


Applications for acceptance are on a first-come, first-served basis. Canadian American School have limited spaces and these cannot be guaranteed until an application is submitted, registration fees paid, and an assessment conducted.

CAS does not pre-screen for intelligence and aptitude children entering our Preschool and Kindergarten levels. The thinking behind this is that children in the early years, regardless of inherent abilities, will thrive in an environment that is both academically stimulating and emotionally nurturing. Modern pedagogical studies show that foreign language immersion during the early years helps young children increase their mental agility (mathematics), abstract thought and pattern recognition (language and physical science), and creativity (language and social sciences). Minimum testing, however, will be conducted to determine the starting competencies of children, so intervention may be tailor-fitted to their needs.

Student transferees from Junior (Grades 1 – 4) and Senior (Grades 5 – 8) Grade School levels at other schools are handled on a case-to-case basis and must sit for our Math and Reading Assessment Tests (conducted seamlessly during classroom instruction) to determine their grade level competencies. Aside from evaluating previous transcripts of record, these assessments will help determine any learning gaps that need to be bridged in order for children to reach their full potential while enrolled at CAS.

Preschool & Kindergarten

Language studies show that early immersion programs are more effective, resulting in faster language acquisition and learning of attendant skills sets, than foreign language programs begun during the middle and high school years.

At CAS, we go one step further, believing that bilingual or even trilingual — 1st + 2nd + 3rd languages — immersion and instruction should begin at the Preschool level.

Although most children may be unilingual with parents that may not be bilingual (to provide homework help), CAS Toddler, Tots, Junior and Senior Kindergarten Lead Language Teachers are native-tongue speakers experienced in instructing children with the primary aim of attaining language fluency at 6 years of age. They will be assisted by CAS Preschool Teachers for such co-curricular activities in Music & Movement, Creative Arts, and Science Discovery.

But what about English? CAS Kindergarten English Teachers are fluent English speakers that will provide language support so that children do not fall behind in CAS’s primary medium of instruction at the Grade School level — English.

Grade School

CAS Grade School students (Grades 1 – 8) will go through daily 50-minute classroom experiences with instruction provided by subject matter experts in the following areas of study: English Language Arts (ELA), Foreign Language (FL), Mathematics (MATH), Science & Technology (SCI), Social Science (SOC), Art (ART), Music (MUS), Physical & Moral Education (PME).

Parents must indicate prior to school start (on the CAS Application for Admission form) their child’s spoken language at home and 1st and 2nd choices for their child’s foreign language preference. If English is not spoken at home and the student is an English Language Learner, ESL is offered in class as well as an After-School Program.

Daily Hot Lunch Program

CAS offers daily freshly cooked, healthy meals with a child-friendly palate as part of its School Lunch Program. This program demands that an allergy awareness declaration be included in our Application for Admission form in order for parents to indicate whether their child suffers from any life-threatening allergic reactions that CAS should be made aware of.

After-School Programs

CAS offers a wide variety of co-curricular activities that support its core education program but that are also open to the public. From month to month, a schedule of After-School Programs will be posted. Each ASP is composed of hourly sessions once or twice a week, with increasing frequency in one week if a weekly session is missed, for a total of 8 hours/month. Some activities include Engineering & Robotics for Kids, French, Italian, and Mandarin Conversation & Culture, Ballet, and Piano for Kids. 

Summer School Programs

CAS will offer a fun and flexible summer school activities that will have students meeting instructors for an hour, twice a week, for monthly modules in July and August. Eight-hour programs meet on Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays or Wednesdays/Fridays; some programs (ie, Saturday Writers Hangout, facilitated by Where The Write Things Are creative writing guru Neni Sta. Romana-Cruz) take place on Saturdays.

Tours & Exchanges

Supporting CAS’s core education program are co-curricular activities that take the children outside of school grounds. These external activities are aimed at supplementing learning in one of CAS’s 5 core subjects – English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Science. Parents will be asked to sign waivers releasing CAS from liability arising from any adverse incidents that may occur during the course of the tour or exchange.

Special Education Program

At the Canadian American School, we aim to provide a world-class education to our students. All students including those at-risk and children identified with special needs may seek admission provided that they adhere to school policies, guidelines, and our special education process. We provide an inclusive education where both typically developing children and those identified with special needs play and learn together to create a mutual respect and healthy understanding of diversity as we prepare them to become independent, productive, and globally competitive.

We work collaboratively with education professionals and other service providers (developmental pediatricians, school psychologists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, physical therapists, play and family therapists, etc) to complete educational assessments and monitor program plans to help students meet the demands of their respective grade levels.

For more information about Canadian American School and its programs, please look over the programs, philosophies, and fees on our website: www.canamschool.org/. Call (02) 737-0034 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up an appointment for a tour of our school facility located on the 6th floor of The City Club Alphaland Makati Place www.cityclub.com.ph.

Alex Kahl of Kahl Consultants was interviewed by Bank of America's online publication

Bank of AmericaAlex Kahl of Kahl Consultants was interviewed by Bank of America's online publication about how small business owners can adopt eco-friendly polices.

Kahl Consultants is a certified green and are an approved member of the Green America Business Network, the Bay Area Green Business Network, and a Marin County Sustainable Partner).

- Proud to be entirely solar powered and are constantly investing in becoming more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

- help our clients to be environmentally conscious as well. Our team serves small business and nonprofit clients worldwide.

Read full article here:



Energy Training and Business Advisory Holmwood Consulting Ltd

Energy Training and Business Advisory Holmwood Consulting Ltd

Kahl Consultants have finished website revamp and online promotion for our client Holmwood Consulting.  An energy training and business advisor company based in Europe.

Holmwood Consulting Limited is an international provider of top industry training and consultancy in LNG, Natural Gas and Energy offering independent business advice, management consulting, executive briefing and energy training.

As a focused LNG, Natural Gas, Oil and broader Energy consultancy, Holmwood Consulting Limited with its in-depth knowledge of the global energy markets and developments delivers independent strategic consultancy, key market analysis, executive briefing and training services.


LNG, Natural Gas & Energy

Holmwood Consulting Limited delivers knowledge transfer through objective advice, training and consulting to address the real and differing business issues that clients are facing around the world helping them to resolve their unique challenges. Beyond just informed third party comment, we actively seek to give our clients the real information required to take the critical decisions that move businesses forwards. It helps its clients achieve these clear business goals by flexibly applying the Energy and broader Industry expertise of its principal, and selectively utilizing the wide experience and extensive knowledge base of our Associates, who have worked for many years as Directors, senior managers and industry business professionals.

Holmwood Consulting operates in primary areas:

1.     Industry Training:

The primary service provided by Holmwood Consulting Limited is Capability Building, Knowledge Transfer and Executive Briefing for international client companies – both direct contracted and via third-party providers. We have an established international reputation and are widely involved with training and capability building on commercial, markets, trading and technical aspects across the whole of the LNG supply chain, and in the oil and natural gas industries. Building on the core energy industry knowledge and proven business skills of its principal and a select network of top experts, we continuously endeavour to develop new courses and to lead market requirements across LNG and broader energy. The involvement doesn’t usually stop at the end of any knowledge transfer activity as much of our activity is repeat business with clients and delegates continuing to seek advice from us well after the training has finished.

Holmwood Consulting creates customised energy training, provides key executive briefings and gives in-company courses reflecting both specified needs and our areas of expertise to develop or update our clients’ staff. Classroom training gives participants the opportunity to interact with a live instructor and other trainees and, we believe embeds key learning more effectively. Such tailored, instructor led courses are designed to be interactive in nature and can be industry knowledge or business skill based. There really is no educational system provided that is worth more than learning from the experience of a 30-year veteran in the industry.

Holmwood Consulting Limited’s knowledge transfer occurs primarily via two types of training provision:

(i) In-company courses, Executive Briefings and Workshops

(ii) Public courses and Seminars

Holmwood Consulting Limited seeks to ensure that all such developed courses emphasize practical learning by encompassing interactive sessions, current market case studies, syndicate study exercises and, where appropriate, challenging debate to ensure a high level of attendee participation and knowledge transfer. Delegates are typically drawn from NOCs, IOCs, natural gas companies, LNG shipping companies, trading organizations, Regulators and Government Ministries, equipment & service companies and professional service firms, as well as financial institutions that serve the Oil & Gas business.

2.     Business Advisory and Consulting

Holmwood Consulting provides a distinctive approach by active involvement in the global business, challenging the conventional industry norms and in some cases forecasting trends. Change and volatility are perhaps the only constants in the global energy marketplace today, but change should not be feared as it brings opportunity for many industry players. Small in size, Holmwood Consulting Limited has proven ability to deliver real and lasting value with a growing reputation built around providing top quality, in-depth, objective delivery and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

It also increasingly makes sense to have a knowledgeable external third-party involved as a “Trusted Adviser” or “Client Friend” in natural gas and LNG projects, in much the same way as using an architect often ends up saving money on building projects, even the comparatively small ones.

Holmwood Consulting Limited is wholly focused on the energy sector and welcomes the opportunity to discuss client issues and propose a delivery approach to assignments using an appropriate combination of our Principal and Associates. This allows us to effectively provide the best possible approach at key levels within an organization covering typically:

  •                Strategic: Gas Market Studies, New Market Entry, Development of LNG
  •                Tactical: Gas Market Review and Analysis, LNG Exports & Imports, Commercial & Pricing, Trading and Logistics
  •          Operational: Commercial and Contractual Management, Specification and Evaluation of support systems/ procedures

Holmwood Consulting welcomes the opportunity to discuss client issues and propose an approach for the development of the required insights.

The People

An independent, professionally based specialist industry training and business advisory company, Holmwood Consulting Limited provides consultants with a strong mixture of hands-on international energy and diverse business backgrounds. Holmwood Consulting Limited provides a core team who are highly qualified, with most having first degrees and many with post-graduate qualifications together with a record of proven success and demonstrated accomplishment across the international energy and utilities industry over many years.

For more information about LNG, Natural Gas and Energy consultancy and training contact Leigh Bolton of  Holmwood Consulting at telephone +44 (0)20 8408 3696. www.holmwood-consulting.com/

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