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A Green Clean: Homemade Cleaners to Detox Your Home

Oct 24

How to clean your home and office using only nontoxic natural cleaning materials. Keep toxins out of your home and save money with safe, effective homemade cleaners.

Some household cleaners contains ingredients that are harmful for our health and contributes to indoor air pollution which harms us and our loved ones.

Nothing feels as comforting and welcoming as a tidy, well-tended home. But a clean home isn’t necessarily a healthy one. As you peruse the cleaning aisle’s furniture polishes, air fresheners, carpet deodorizers and stain removers, you may realize that a full product arsenal could contain literally hundreds of chemicals and include dozens of safety warnings—not to mention cost a small fortune. Fortunately, you can create nontoxic, inexpensive counterparts to nearly every conventional cleaning product with items found in your pantry.

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Media Pros and Cons

Media Pros and Cons


In general, it is better to run a smaller size ad more often than to run a larger size ad just once.
This is especially true with radio advertising, where the listener has no opportunity to cut out and save a commercial.


• Easy to target market through choke of station
• Captive audience during drive times
• 99 percent of homes are said to have radios
• 95 percent of all CM arc said to have radios

• Audio only; can't save or cut out
• Lacks visual appeal


• Timely, contain news of the day
• Easy to change on short notice
• Published frequently
• Can tie in advertisements with local events
• Less expensive than magazines and broadcast media

• Short life, usually discarded daily
• Ads may get buried among many others
• Some people read certain sections only
• Not as well read on certain days
• Not well-suited for high-quality photos


• 1 both audio and visual appeal
• Easy to target market through choice of program
• Can be heard from another room without viewing
• Widely viewed in most households


• Relatively more expensive
• Longer time required to produce commercials
• Remotes allow muting out of commercials
• Ofter shows are taped and viewers can fast-forwarding through commercials
• Better-quality commercials that utilize professional actors must he produced by a specialized production company
• Can't be saved as with print media (unless taped)



• Can be highly targeted to demographic groups, geographic areas, particular lifestyles and special intererst
• Have a long life, may be saved
• May have multiple readers, are shared and reread
• May lend prestige to advertiser

Free Business Research

Business Research

Marketing pros say the three most important things to do to market anything successfully are to test, test, and test. That is good advice. But it is unrealistic for small businesses that cannot shell out big bucks for sophisticated research.  

You do not need money to learn about your market. If you know what to look for and where to find it, you can obtain crucial information for free.

Ten Basic Questions

1. What should you market — your goods, your services, or both?
2. Should your marketing feature some sort of price advantage?
3. Should you emphasize yourself, your quality offerings, your selection, your service, or merely the existence of your business?
4. Should you take on your competition or ignore all competitors?
5. Exactly who are your competitors?
6. Who are your best prospects?
7. What income groups do they represent?
8. What motivates them to buy?
9. Where do they live?
10. What do they read or watch or listen to in the way of media?

Recommended Reading for Green Business Owners

Oct 10


Keep up to date with the innovations and advances of green businesses! Learn how you can continue to green your own business.
Recommended Reading for Green Business Owners:

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