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Environmental Forum of Marin appoints Alex Kahl to Webmaster

Environmental Forum of Marin Board of DirectorsThe Environmental Forum of Marin has chosen Alex Kahl, owner of Kahl Consultants, to join their group as Webmaster. Alex is a recent graduate of their Master Class 41, a unique, comprehensive program of field trips, interactive lectures and environmental advocacy training. Environmental Forum of Marin provides exceptional educational programs about environmental issues with their annual Lecture Series and landmark Master Class.

If you are in Marin County we encourage you to consider joining Master Class 42 which is now open for enrollment and starts in August 2015. www.marinefm.org/master-class

For over 40 years, the Environmental Forum of Marin’s highly acclaimed Master Class has been educating advocates for the natural environment. Over 1,000 students have graduated, many of whom have gone on to work for environmental protection in various fields. Whether elected officials or ordinary citizens, the Master Class encourages advocacy work among its students.

Read more about the Environmental Forum of Marin organization here: 

GWC will be at the County Fair for Watershed Demo on July 1, 2015

Gallinas Watershed Council Watershed DemoVisit Gallinas Watershed Council at the Marin County Fair Garden Tent and learn from Floating Islands West what a floating island can do to improve water quality at the Civic Center lagoon.

Kids 12 and under were FREE at the Marin County Fair on July 1, 2015. Kids love our watershed model. Even a few local politicians have learned about watersheds (see 2014 photo with Al Boro and Damon Connoly).

  • Learn about water
  • Fun and interactive
  • Spray “rain” on a watershed to follow the flow of water and spills
  • Outdoors learning for all ages
  • Demonstrates common sources of pollution
  • Find out how to reduce human impact
  • FREE!

Visit: www.gallinaswatershed.org/

Environmental Forum Master Class 42

Attention Marin County!

Lets keep Marin County that special green place that it is!

If you agree then you are an good candidate for the upcoming 42nd Master Class with the Environmental Forum of Marin!

As a very proud new graduate of Master Class 41, Alex Kahl highly recommends this unique training to anyone who wants to learn about environmental advocacy in Marin.

MC42 OneSheet FINAL


Alex Kahl new graduate of Environmental Forum of Marin’s Master Class 41

Environmental Forum of MarinThe Environmental Forum of Marin’s Master Class 41 which recently graduated includes Alex Kahl, founder and owner of Kahl Consultants. 

The Forum trains people to become environmental advocates, and was founded over 40 years ago by Dr. Marty Griffin, famous for his fight against development and urban sprawl in Marin County in the 1960s (as shown in the movie Rebels with a Cause). 

During the class Alex helped to organize a lecture and panel discussion at the Bay Model in Sausalito on Water Use and Reuse. As a class project Alex and classmates decided to help improve the water quality of the Marin Civic Center lagoon and nearby South Fork of Gallinas Creek. You can learn more about the Civic Center Watershed Restoration project here:

Upon graduating Alex Kahl has been invited by the Environmental Forum to help as a volunteer webmaster and internet consultant.

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