bootsDuring a disaster normal supplies may not be accessible. Have emergency supply kits in your home, work place, and vehicle.

Supply Kits contain:
water, food, clothing, supplies, medical, hygiene items. Replace perishables (water and food) annually.


A simple kit to get you to your reunification site. Stuff these items into a small backpack and leave at the office:

  • Sturdy walking shoes
  • flashlight
  • radio
  • water & food for one day
  • basic first aid kit


A simple kit to get you to your reunification site. Stuff these items into a small backpack and leave in the car.

One per vehicle.

Contents are same as work place kit, but add a change of clothes and money.


ContainerDuffle Bag
First Aid Kitfirst aid

Store HOME KIT where most accessible - e.g. garage. Don't forget children and animals.

day pack or small duffle bag for work and car, plastic garbage can for home

at least one gallon per person per day for 3 day in plastic bottles (mark date on bottles and replace annually). Add water for animals.

1 bottle liquid chlorine bleach (pure, unscented hypochlorite) to purify water - add 2 drops per quart if clear, 4 drops if cloudy, stir, wait 30 minutes.

Enough for at least 3 days, preferably for 1 week. Include food for all humans and animals in the household: canned food, high energy food, staples (sugar, salt, pepper), vitamins

Considerations: long shelf life, easy to prepare and store, amount of water needed, no salt content

Food Preparation
Camp stove & extra fuel, utensils, pots, pans, paper plates & cups, can opener, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, waterproof matches

Complete change of heavy clothing wrapped to remain dry, incl. sturdy shoes, rain gear

Sleeping bag, tube tent, lantern (add extra fuel/batteries), compass

Soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, tissue, toilet paper, sanitary napkins

Flashlight with extra batteries and extra bulb

Other items

  • Portable Radio & batteries
  • garbage bags - multipurpose item:
    • use in a toilet for waste collection if there is no water (easier than digging a hole)
    • instant makeshift raincoat
    • plastic is a good body insulator
    • use to cover shattered windows
  • Duct tape - multipurpose item:
    • secure cracked windows
    • first aid tape
  • Zip-lock bags
  • space blanket (aluminum) - protects against cold
  • Baking Soda - all purpose fire extinguisher
  • Small hand tools
  • wrench (to shut off utilities)
  • shovel
  • rope
  • Pencil & paper
  • Map of the area
  • Money
  • Important documents
  • Entertainment - cards, ball, reading material
  • ABC Fire extinguisher
  • Signal flare

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