Selling products online?

We develop mobile shopping cart websites for small business using proven e-commerce tools with basic and advanced shopping cart features needed to run a successful internet store. These can be customized to whatever configuration your business requires.

We use powerful open source e-commerce/shopping cart web applications such as OS Commerce and osCMax. These popular shopping cart applications are 100% FREE, and they are constantly being upgraded by an international community of expert developers.

Our standard e-commerce shopping cart package takes you from the initial consultation through to the day your new store opens on the web. Setting up an e-commerce shopping cart site requires:

  1. Ecommerce hosting (offered by Kahl Consultants)
  2. Online Merchant Services Account and Payment Gateway
    (for small shopping carts PayPal can provide these features)
  3. Domain registration
    (offered to all our clients at only $10 per year)
  4. Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Curious? Test drive OS Commerce today.

Or visit one of our client websites.