What is IPSE?

IPSE is a shareware electronic primer on passive solar architecture. The training tool is aimed at architects and students.

Use this educational programme as a learning tool or a reference material.


Download IPSE

Free Downlopassivetech1.jpgad from Kahl Consultants in USA.

Important! Download Disk 1 and 2. Both downloads are archived zip files.

You must unzip them (you can use winzip) and copy the files to diskettes before you can install IPSE. Or simply copy all files to a subdirectory.

Alternative: You can also view IPSE as a powerpoint slide show.

Simply download the archived zip file below and run it with Powerpoint.

IPSE screen shot showing Passive Solar Technologies Menu
IPSE is a DOS program and can be run under windows. Please study the ReadMe file first!


solarwalls1.jpgThe IPSE software was conceived and developed by Alex Kahl of Kahl Consultants while with GOPA Consultants.

The project was supported by the European Commission Directorate for Energy DG XVII Thermie Programme.

IPSE was designed in cooperation with the Energy Research Group at the University College Dublin (ERG-UCD). K/Plex Berlin was responsible for programming.