So you have a new website?

Keep it fresh! Keep your customers coming back for more.

When you build a site expect to add about 25 - 50% of the initial cost for annual maintenance.

Update your site with new and timely information and eliminate broken links.

Content Updates


Do it Yourself!

Do it yourself with our Content Management Systems.
Learn more about our CMS options.
Got a site that is dying for a facelift? Give it a redesign and make it user friendly!

Security Updates


Social Media Integration

Drive Traffic

Analyze your site traffic to make your site even more effective.
Let us show you how your site can stay fresh on a small business budget.
Rule of thumb: budget 50% of total site cost for annual maintenance and promotion.

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Website Maintenance is critical to online marketing. We can help manage your online presence. That includes web hosting, domain registration, security updates, tech support, social media, email marketing and much more. We're not just your webmaster but also your online marketers and internet consultants. Our clients value all the personal attention and dedication with which we manage every aspect of their online marketing campaigns, from blogs to tweets, from web pages to email newsletters.

To most people your online presence is the face of your business or organization. We can ensure that your website and all your other online listings look good, stay current, are user friendly and easy to find for your potential customers.

As internet marketing consultants we'll even help you decide what your company really needs and what you don't. Don't waste your marketing budget on items that are not effective marketing tools for your business!