Read This First!

When you get a warning:

Check the message!
Chances are very good that it is a FAKE.

Use the info and links on this site.

Tell the sender and all recipients that the message is FAKE.
Tell them about the VIRUS & HOAX ALERT website.
Send out this letter

Delete the message.
DO NOT send it to anyone.

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Fake Messages

Fake Petitions

  • Just about anything supposedly from the UN
  • Save PBS, NPR, Sesame Street
  • Afghanistan women
  • Email tax bill 602P
  • "Hanoi" Jane Fonda

Urban Legends

809 Area code warning is basically TRUE. Original Scambusters warning

Fun! ;-)
Be sure to read the ultimate urban legend!

Fun! ;-)
Do you know the Email Facts of Life?

Fun! ;-)
Learn about the 4 basic types of chain letters!



95% of all warnings sent out on the internet are FAKE!

Fun! ;-)
Have you read this hilarious chain letter?

Stop hoaxes! If you get a fake warning send this email!


Fake Virus

  • V*****- Rob Rosenberger explains general and specific virus myths. Read the truth about virus hoaxes, legends, myths, and overblown threats.Data Fellows Anti-Virus HOAX warnings page - Good information source for new virus hoaxes and false alerts.
  • SARC Symantec AntiVirus Research Center*** - Virus Hoaxes are described here
  • Spice Girl virus....Has no real function, but makes a pretty desktop.
  • Schwarzenegger virus...Terminates and stays resident. It'll be back.

Do not forward virus or other warning messages to your colleagues or friends. Forward it to your IT department but not to anyone else.

Crazy Times Virus! ;-)
Read this very carefully!

Virus Jokes! ;-)
Disney virus...
Everything in the computer goes Goofy.


Authentic Virus

Virus Alert!
Worm (a kind of virus) such as W32.Sircam can steal email addresses stored on your computer. They selects files from your hard drive and send them to these email addresses. They do this without you knowing it!

Read about W32.Sircam here:

To remove the virus run an up-to-date antivirus software (like Norton Antivirus) on your computer.

Tips to avoid Virii and Worms

You CANNOT get a virus by reading email. You CAN if you open attachments.

The "I Love You" Virus

New virii can even affect your hardware! They overwrite the mainboard system. Your PC is useless until you replace the BIOS chip. In most cases the virus can be removed with antivirus software.


Virus Protection

Essential Tip:
Use antivirus software! Update the program's virus database continuously - online.

When you download a lot of stuff, take extra precautions. Scan for viruses before you back up.



Think you have a virus? Maybe, maybe not.

A lot of people have problems with hardware and software.

Inform yourself and get help. DON'T PANIC!