What is SolArch?


eclipticchart2001.jpgVersion 1.0 is in English. It includes some data for the UK and Ireland, but can be used worldwide.

For more details please consult the ReadMe file.

Download SolArch?

1. Free Download Europe (UCD)

psychrometric2001.jpgDownload SolArch from ERG-University College, Ireland.

  • Download Link




2. Free Download USA (Kahl Consultants)

Download SolArch from Kahl Consultants, USA.

Important! Download Disks 1, 2 and 3. They are archived zip files.

You must unzip them (you can use winzip) and copy to 3 diskettes. Or simply copy all files to a subdirectory. Run install.exe to setup program.

Please study the README file first!

SolArch Crew

designcheck2001.jpgThe SolArch software was conceived and developed by Alex Kahl of Kahl Consultants while at GOPA Consultants.

The project was supported by the European Commission Directorate for Energy DG XVII Thermie Programme.

shadowgeometry2001.jpgSolArch was designed in cooperation with the Energy Research Group at the University College Dublin (ERG-UCD).

K/Plex Berlin was responsible for programming SolArch.

It includes the amazing 6B-Solar Thermal Performace Calculation Tool from the Technical University Budapest.