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Check your Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Rankings - Instant, online reports of web site rankings in 8 top search engines and web directories, including Google, Yahoo! Search, Bing (MSN), AOL, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, Yahoo! Directory, and Open Directory (Dmoz).

Meta Tags & Keywords Boost Rankings

  1. META TAGS give you better listings in search engines.
    But some search engines ignore certain tags. Only include realistic meta tags that reflect your content.
  2. Meta Tags - HTML Tags that make up for a lack of text.
    Your best option, however, is to have a site heavy in unique content and text. You will get better search engine rankings. Meta Tags you need:
  3. Description Tag - HTML Tags that provide a summary which appears when your page comes up on a search.
    Without this "description" the search engine will create one. It will use the TOP lines of text on your page. Meta tags are placed inside the HEAD tags.
  4. Title Tag - HTML Tag at the top of your page.
    Use your company name and a few keywords here. Work the keywords in so it sounds natural.
  5. Keyword Tags - HTML Tags to provide words and phrases for the search engine to associate with your page.
    Choose keywords carefully. Imagine what the searcher will enter for their search.
  6. Keywords should be two or more words, i.e. key phrases.
    So if your site specializes in 'free business opportunities', list that as a phrase instead of listing each word. Someone looking for 'free business opportunities' is not going to just type 'business' in their search.
  7. Keywords must appear in the Title Tag and in the text.
    Otherwise your ranking with search engines will be low, no matter how may keywords you have. Important: your keywords must appear in the first paragraph and title and headers!
  8. Have meta tags as one long line rather than having it wrap.
    The standard length is 1024 characters. The spaces between your keywords also count as a character. Use commas to separate your keywords. Arrange keywords in order of importance.

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  1. Search Engine Watch deals with the science of rankings.
    Recommended reading for webmasters, marketers, and users who want to find things using search engines.
  2. Hire an Online Marketer
    Let them use SEO/SEM online promotion to get the best ranking and traffic for your site!
  3. Marketing Tips
    Read these facts you gotta know to increase traffic!

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