Solar Energy is beautifulCCA allows MEA, which is a Marin County JPA, to compete with PG&E through MCE.

Everyone got that, right? No??

OK OK, once again - in English:


COMMUNITY CHOICE AGGREGATION (CCA) is a California law (AB 117) that gives cities and counties the authority to procure electricity on behalf of customers.

Marin County plus participating cities and towns formed a JOINT POWERS AUTHORITY (JPA). The JPA will offer CCA services to customers - starting this year!

PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC is a private Fortune 500 company that helped pass California deregulation legislation that benefitted companies like PG&E and Enron the most. They did so by paying politicians like Grey Davis and then Chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy, Senator Steve Peace.

Then after milking Californians for billions and hiding the money with their parent Power line transmissioncompany, they declared bankruptcy. Did I mention that taxpayers bailed them out? PG&E excels at greenwashing.

Note: PG&E will still transmit electricity, still read meters and issue bills to everyone.

MARIN CLEAN ENERGY is a program administered by the MARIN ENERGY AUTHORITY (MEA). MCE allows electric consumers to choose non-polluting renewable energy, lower Marin's greenhouse gas emissions, reduce our dependence on imported fossil fuels, foster development of local green power generation and clean technologies, and protect our homes and businesses from uncertain fuel prices.