You probably know what Tai Chi is - it's that meditative form of martial art which looks like kung fu in slow motion. But have your heard about ChiRunning® and ChiWalking®?

ChiWalking blends the health benefits of walking with the core principles of Tai Chi. As we all know, the walking is low-impact, making it the healthiest form of daily exercise for all ages. As with Pilates, yoga and Tai Chi, ChiWalking emphasizes body alignment and mindfulness while strengthening the core muscles of the body.

Some of the advantages include:
1) Reduce pounding and pain
2) Reduce dependence on leg muscles
3) Run hills safely and effectively
4) Reduce the chance of injury
5) Increase your endurance

How do I know all this? I recently had a Chi Walking and Running class with Hazel Wood from Hazel is a Certified ChiRunning and ChiWalking Instructor who has learned from Danny Dreyer, the inventor of these techniques. Hazel now teaches these techniques to individuals and groups. They are great techniques for injury free walking and running based on Tai Chi principles.

Here are the five mindful steps of ChiWalking:
1) Get aligned
2) Engage your core
3) Create balance
4) Make a choice
5) Move forward 

Stride by Stride teaches ChiRunning® and ChiWalking® to runners and walkers of all abilities. If you think this kind of health coaching could help you out then get in touch with Hazel for a free consultation.

The Chi Walking and Chi Running books are also highly recommended... two thumbs waaaay up!