Kahl Consultants Emails Bouncing


Why Your Emails Might Be Missing Their Mark

Are some email from your domain not reaching their destination?

A frustrating experience for sure. While there are many reasons why an email might bounce, one new reason is DMARC.

What is DMARC?

DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance. A new security tool for emails from your domain. DMARC acts like a bouncer. Its job is to stop fake emails pretending to be from you (known as spoofing). DMARC tells the receiving email server whether an email claiming to come from your domain is legit.

Why is DMARC important? Imagine someone using your email to scam people. DMARC prevents that, thereby also protecting your reputation and ensuring your emails reach their destination.

So, why do emails sometimes bounce because of DMARC? If you or your host haven't set up DMARC or it's too lax, receiving servers get suspicious. Then, your email can bounce back.

How to Fix The Email Bounce Issue

  • Set up DMARC: Ask your email provider or DNS service for help. Or ask your webmaster for help.
  • Toughen up DMARC: Tell servers what to do with suspicious emails - reject, quarantine, or just watch.
  • Double-check with DKIM and SPF: SPF - another email security tool - works with DMARC to further verify your identity.

DMARC is a tiny effort for peace of mind. Don't let your emails become ghosts, and say goodbye to bounces!

Kahl Consultants can help with DMARC issues. 415-499 0838 at 415-499 0838 for help.