We've all seen the food pyramid where the food at the bottom of the pyramid is supposed to be eaten regularly, and the food at the top sparingly.Now comes the Pyramid of Conservation.

This pyramid was created for Minnesota Power to help residential customers determine where to start with energy efficiency projects.

The Conservation Pyramid has 10 levels, from cheap at the bottom to expensive at the top.

Pyramid of Conservation

While some may argue with the details in this pyramid, the pyramid's basic hierarchy is sound.

Many people who want to green their home start at the top instead of the bottom. The whole point of this pyramid is that you should start with the easy and cheap stuff - the low hanging fruit - at the bottom of the pyramid.

Before you spend lots of money on new appliances and renewable technologies that take many years to amortize you should make all the inexpensive efficiency improvements and reduce your overall energy consumption that way.

The Pyramid of Conservation helps you prioritize energy efficiency steps. First you establish a foundation in energy efficiency and then you can work your way up the pyramid. Click any topic on the pyramid to learn more!

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