Bronte the dogGolden Rule:

Your relationship with your dog should follow that order of priority. Do not give love without giving the excercise and discipline first.


  1. CRATE TRAINING - let you puppy sleep in a closed crate - this is the best way to do potty training
  2. Teach your dog basic commands (sit, stay, come, LEAVE IT - that means NO).  Show them how it is done, and use lots and lots and lots of repetition and positive reinforcement (give snacks to a dog when they do something right)
  3. Socialization rule - regularly let your dog interact with other dogs
  4. Do not allow your dog on chairs, couches, bed, etc (to establish their rank)
  5. 5 minute rule: when you come home ignore dog for 5 minutes (establishes that you are the alpha dog)
  6. Take dog on 2 walks per day, give playtime, plenty of exercise (our dog loves to play tug-of-war with a rope)
  7. SCOLDING RULE - only scold a dog if you catch them in the act of doing something bad, but never later (because they forgot it already and won't understand why you are mad)
  8. Never hit your dog! If a dog misbehaves (a) scream at them LOUDLY (they don't like that) and (b) grab their fur with both hands on either side of the neck and shake them while screaming
  9. Time out rule - if a dog is caught being bad put them in their crate or lock them out and DO NOT ENGAGE THEM for at least 10 minutes - then go back and be nice again
  10. Let your dog sleep near where you sleep - inside NOT outside - but not on your bed

Remember, your dog needs:

We trained our dog by ourselves with lots of good advice from a book called "How to be your Dog's Best Friend by the Monks of New Skete"

Raising your dog with the Monks of the New Skete