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With so many people working from home now, it's a good time to update everyone on how to offer professional online webinars.

Kahl Consultants Webinar How to Teach a Webinar from Home

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a web seminar or interactive online class. It requires a few basic tools, like a computer or smartphone, an internet connection or wifi signal, a camera, a microphone, and some type of conferencing software. Need to familiarize yourself with Webinar tools and terms? This video teaches you the basics! 



Which Webinar Software is Right for Me?

Which type of software is right for your business?
Find the software that works for your needs. Compare the costs and get a tool that works best for you and your customers. For example, will everyone in your audience need to download a software before they join in?

Remember how important it will be that your webinar software works without any major glitches. You'll need to practice a bit with several options to get the right tool and the right format.
Here's a video that compares several webinar tools.



Webinar Format

First, pick your topic and format. Your webinar could include an introduction by the presenter, a slideshow or other visual elements, a demonstration and some Q&A.

Next, choose the format. The presentation is usually followed by a Q&A session, during which time the audience can ask questions.

Kahl Consultants Webinar Webinar Format


Practice and Prepare

So you have a slide show you want to use? Mix it up, maybe you can also show some video clips? Do you have some props? Maybe now is the time to polish those visuals?

Kahl Consultants Webinar Practice and Prepare

Be sure to practice your presentation in front of a friendly audience and get their feedback.

Market your Webinar

You'll need to add a Webinar landing page to your website and write it up in your news blog and your social media. When you announce the webinar be sure to cover:

  • The topic(s)
  • The speaker
  • The schedule
  • The lessons

If you can send out a short email to your customers or target audience to announce and promote the webinar. It's very useful to post a short teaser video on your YouTube Channel, which you can then share elsewhere.

Webinar Software

Here are some popular options:

Last but not least this article compares the best webinar tools.