Moon Hubble Space Telescope captured a dramatic change in Mars's weather:
a dust storm wiped out Martian surface features in amateur telescopes
in July 2001. Both images show the same Martian hemisphere!
Red Spider Nebula
Moon A stunning Mars composite map from National Geographic  
Moon Mars smiles at us from the happy face crater. (21 k) Mars Happy Face Crater
Moon Mars in 3D. This map is from Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter data. MOLA is an instrument aboard Mars Global Surveyor. (23 k) Mars in 3D
Moon Olympus Mons is taller than Mount Everest! (18k)  
Moon Evidence of water flowing recently on Mars! (26k)  
Moon Martian sand dunes. Sweet!  
Moon NASA thought this is life from Mars?! (24 k)  
Moon Mars moon Phobos(5 k)  
Moon Phobos crater detail(21 k)  
Moon Mars moon Deimos(4 k)  

Evidence of Water on Mars