Total Solar Eclipse


Just a week before the "Great American Eclipse", so are you excited? Or confused? Everyone knows a solar eclipse occurs when our moon slips between the Earth and the Sun.

The Sun, Moon and Earth line up perfectly on Monday August 21! So perfectly that you can witness a total solar eclipse across the USA.

The eclipse lasts for over two hours but total darkness lasts for only a couple of minutes. The exact length depends on your location.

Why is this eclipse so special?? Didn't we just have a solar eclipse a few years ago? Actually the last total solar eclipse visible in the USA happened 38 years ago. You only get a few chances to see them in your entire lifetime.  So it's worth a trip to a spot where the total eclipse is visible, somewhere on this narrow path across the USA from coast to coast.


If you can't make it the path of totality you will still witness a partial eclipse. Lets hope there are no clouds covering your view either!

Next Total Solar Exlipse in the USA? That's in the year 2024.

Eclipse Glasses Required

With all the hype and excitement DO NOT FORGET to wear proper eye protection to watch the sun during the eclipse. Make eye safety a top priority. Click here to see different eye protection products while watching the Total Eclipse.

Capturing the Totality? Time Magazine has tips on capturing the 2017 Solar Eclipse.

Staying at home? Here's your guide to streaming the Best Moments Of The Total Solar Eclipse.

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