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It is easy to create an online account on Facebook. So this means that a lot of the accounts on Facebook are FAKE! Do you accept any friend requests? If yes, then you should stop and learn how to check if your friend request is not fake.

Facebook blocked 1.3 BILLION fake accounts between October and December of 2020. They discover and block millions of fake accounts each day!

Scammers who create fake social media accounts such as Facebook often do so to steal money from their victims. Others steal identities. Facebook and other social media platforms have been trying with limited success to block fake accounts, so you should learn how to protect yourself if you use these platforms.

How to Spot a Fake Account

  1. Check out their list of friends. - if their friends are also in the local area where you are located, then it is more likely that the account is legitimate.
  2. Inconsistencies such as inaccurate details and stock images in their gallery.
  3. No profile pictures or blurry photos or even celebrity photos.
  4. No mutual friends.
  5. Different name in the URL and in the profile.

What to Do If You See A Fake Account

  • Do not add or accept their friend request.
  • Report those accounts to Facebook
  • Block the account
  • Avoid oversharing personal details, not just on Facebook but on ALL social media platforms.

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