The Green Revolution

Are banks sacrificing profits for activists' principles?

Adopting environmentally and socially responsible banking practices is the PC thing to do these days.

Banks say doing the right thing is a delicate balance.

Activists' aggressive tactics are forcing banks to adopt policies.


In 2005 PMorgan Chase became the third U.S. bank to adopt the benchmark Equator Principles (EP) for project finance; it also promised to create policies to promote sustainable forestry and protect indigenous people's rights and to cut its own-and its clients'-carbon-dioxide emissions.

Moreover, the bank extended the EP to include all loans, debt and equity underwriting, financial advisories and project-linked derivative transactions.

This makes JPMorgan Chase one of the most environmentally progressive banks on the planet.

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In 1997 Bertrand Piccard and his partner Brian Jones achieved the last great aviation feat of the 20th century: the first non-stop round the world balloon flight.

Piccard and his team are now taking on a spectacular human and technological challenge with a new team:

Around the world with a
solar airplane.

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Found this in the local Marin Independent Journal today:

Local lawmaker urges clemency
Joe Nation seeks clemency, moratorium on death penalty
Richard Halstead

Stanley Tookie Williams, founder of the notorious Crips street gang, is scheduled to be executed at San Quentin State Prison at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday for murdering a 7-Eleven clerk and a family of three during the commission of separate robberies in 1979.

Assemblyman Joe Nation, D-San Rafael, has asked Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to grant clemency to Stanley Tookie Williams and commute his death sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

In his letter, Nation urged Schwarzenegger to, at the very least, impose a moratorium on executions until the commission presents its findings. The commission expects to complete its work by the end of 2007.

Nation also appealed to Schwarzenegger's stated desire to cut wasteful government spending. According to estimates by Attorney General Bill Lockyer, it costs the state $12.5 million to execute a murderer and just $1.5 million to imprison them for life.

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