Are You Prepared?

Disaster Preparedness Tech Tips

Disaster preparedness is important because no matter where we are, we don't know when or how any disaster like tornado and even earthquakes might occur. With technology involved in our daily lives, our simplest daily gadget might help us in times of need! Here are the 5 Tech Tips for Disaster Preparedness.

5 Tech Tips fo us to be Ready

  1. Have a backup phone - You can buy cheap phones in case that your main phone is damaged. Make sure that the contacts that you have on your main phone is also there.
  2. Buy a solar charger  - Battery is the life of your phone if there's no power in your area a handy solar powered charger might be of a great help.
  3. Store your important notes offline - Internet connections may also shutdown during the times of disaster, make sure that you have an app available where you could type in important information like Emergency phone numbers.
  4. Keep redundancy in mind - Applicable in having an extra cell phone handy in every situation.
  5. Plan and test - Make sure people around you understands and also remembers your plans in case of any emergencies occur.

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