American Businesses Against the Immigration Ban

As a global business based in the USA we too are committed to ensuring America remains a great country with a strong economy. Immigrants are now, and have always been, a guarantee that this vision is realized.

We stand in opposition to the recent Executive Order on immigration. We believe the climate of fear and uncertainty that it fosters  in our customers, our employees, and our communities will be damaging to business. The ban undermines the interconnections and workforce mobility upon which we depend. It demeans our American principles and values. The Executive Order also runs counter to basic constitutional due process, which is essential to a well functioning economy.

The USA is built on diversity, inclusion and religious freedom. The varied perspectives, distinct insights, abundant skills and entrepreneurial spirit of people from around the world strengthen our companies and enrich our communities. It’s essential that we create jobs for all and build a prosperous economy.

The greatness of America continues to flourish when it is welcoming to immigrants and refugees, regardless of national origin or religion.

Attention business leaders! Add your voice.