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What is SEO?

SEO is the activity that practices some tactics to be able to rank your website on search engines, gain audiences from organic searches and click through rate (CTR).

SEO tactics change rapidly, so your online marketing should keep up with these changes. MOZ pointed some SEO practices that you still probably do that are no longer effective, are you guilty of one?



  • Keywords before clicks.
  • Heavy use of anchor text on internal links.
  • Pages for every keyword variant.
  • Directories, paid links, etc.
  • Multiple microsites, separate domains, or separate domains with the same audience or topic target.
  • Exact and partial keyword match domain names in general
  • Using CPC or Adwords' "Competition" to determine the difficulty of ranking in organic or non-paid results
  • Unfocused, non-strategic "linkbait"

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