Carbon Capture Strategies a deeper diveLecture Series 2016: Changes Challenges and Choices

Beyond Emissions Reductions: Carbon Capture Strategies, a Deeper Dive

Photosynthesis: An Agent for Sequestration of Carbon in the Atmosphere

On Saturday, January 23rd, Marin Carbon Project co-founder and agro-ecologist Dr. Jeffrey Creque, and Carbon Cycle Institute Policy Director Torri Estrada, will talk about “boots on the ground” sequestering carbon on farm and public land, their work through Resource Conservation Districts around the State, the Governor’s “Healthy Soils Initiative,” and other policy advances in supporting use of photosynthesis to reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

Their remarks will be followed by presentations by Rebecca Burges, Executive Director of the Fibershed Project, and Kimberly Sheibly, Marin Sanitary Service’s Municipal Contracts and Communications Manager. Rebecca’s work demonstrates how we can restore the planet’s resource base while meeting our needs for food, fuel, fiber and flora. Kimberly will describe efforts to convert customers to recycling food and other organic waste so it becomes part of the solution rather than going into landfill, where it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

Saturday, January 23 | 9:00 – Noon
Bay Model Visitor Center
2100 Bridgeway Blvd., Sausalito, CA


Dr. Jeffrey Creque, Director of Rangeland and Agro-ecosystem Management, Carbon Cycle Institute
Torri Estrada, Executive Director, Carbon Cycle Institute
Rebecca Burgesse, Executive Director of the Fibershed Project
Kimberly Scheibly, Municipal Contracts & Communications Manager, Marin Sanitary Service
Jeff Stump, MALT Director of Conservation

Saturday sessions: $20* in advance / $25* at the door.

Admission free to students with a high school or college ID.
* Lecture discounts based on membership status.