Kahl Consultants Controversial Online Tools for Writers or Bloggers

Controversial Online Tools That Help Writers or Bloggers

Are You a Writer or Blogger? Then these tools should interest you! When you experience writer's block, what do you do? How about when are under time pressure to deliver a new article or content? Here are some online tools that might help you, but beware that they are controversial and can be abused!

The tools we are talking about help you rewrite your articles and give you ideas when you have writer's block. They are called REWRITER tools and are also known as TEXT SPINNERS. This software is used for rewriting texts. The meaning of the original content is still there but used with different words generated by any text spinner. It works by changing or replacing phrases, sentences, and paragraphs even with their synonyms.

Are Rewriter Tools Legal?

Yes, they are legal, but some ways of using them will get you banned by Google. You're good as long as your article is not plagiarized, meaning you are the original writer of the article or the article you write uses your own words.

How to use rewrite tools the right way:

  1. Make sure there are no identical sentences - rewriting your article means using statements in your own words not just copying it word per word.
  2. Try taking ideas to different sources - don't get your ideas from one source only.
  3. Give Credit - Found something that catches your attention and you want it to be included in your content? Give credit to the original writer! Include the link where you found it and quote the exact words that you liked.

How to use rewrite tools the wrong way:

  1. When you are plagiarizing an article - taking a content online and pasting it in a rewriter tool and post it as yours.
  2. When your content is unreadable - some rewriting tools produce low-quality articles, you need to check if your article is re-written properly and it doesn't have any gibberish words in it.
  3. Numerous re-written contents - your content contains a lot of re-written articles. You have a lot of repeated information, your audience notices it and you might lose a follower.

Here are some Rewriter Tools Online:

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