Kahl Consultants Delivering Healthy Food for Kids

Our new client Thrive is a nonprofit dedicated to delivering healthy food to hungry school children to help kids start their day with a nutritious diet. This organization started when three moms saw hungry children in need of healthy food and decided to do something about it.

What started out as giving bananas to some school children in Bangladesh has expanded into a network that now delivers tens of thousands of nutritional meals every week to school children in places like Bangladesh and the Philippines. And anyone that donates $10 can help feed a child for an entire month.

World Food Day

Every year we celebrate World Food Day on October 16. Celebrate World Food Day and help end food insecurity.
There are many organizations such as Thrive that are helping to eradicate hunger, and providing kids nutritious food is a great way to contribute. If you would like to help feed school children in need, why not become a donor? You or your company could even sponsor a school or a community. Anyone can make a difference, you can also help to raise funds with a fundraiser.

We hope you'll contact Thrive if you would like to help out in honor of World Food Day.

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Kahl Consultants Delivering Healthy Food for Kids Smiling Girl