Home energy and water audit for Free in Contra Costa CountyEast Bay and North Bay folks listen up! 

Are you a HOMEOWNER or RENTER in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Solano or San Joaquin county, or in the city of Santa Rosa? Do you get your energy from PG&E or MCE Clean Energy? 

Get a FREE home energy and water audit! It even includes installing free energy and water-saving measures. 



 A Green House Call includes:

            ·  walk through of house with client; look for energy saving opportunities

·  Replacing incandescent bulbs with FREE energy-saving compact fluorescent versions (which use about a 1/4 of the energy!)

·  Installing FREE high-efficiency faucet aerators and shower-heads (all the pressure without the water waste!)

·  Inspecting toilets for efficiency and leaks

·  Checking attic insulation of the home

·  Installing FREE retractable clothesline to reduce dryer use or a FREE power strip to reduce phantom load from electronic devices

·  Installing FREE hot water pipe insulation

·  Providing energy and water conservation education

·  Customized report 

Please tell your neighbors about this great opportunity! Reserve your Free Green House NOW.

By phone: 
510-665-1501 (press 5)