WordPress 5.0

The future of WordPress

WordPress 5.0 was officially released on December 6, 2018. WordPress 5.0 is not just simply an update but can be considered as the future of WordPress. Why? Because WordPress 5.0 comes with a new block editor and the Twenty Nineteen Theme.

Gutenberg Editor

Gutenberg is the new content editor for WordPress that uses blocks. It gives the users the freedom to customize their content as well as its layout and design.

Users can add any type of content through blocks. This also provides an opportunity to effectively visualize how we organize our content.

Twenty Nineteen Theme

The Twenty Nineteen Theme will be the default theme of WordPress 5.0. It is a minimal, typography-driven blogging theme with a single-column layout with both front end and back end editor styles.

The brand new theme is fully compatible with Gutenberg. It allows the users to fully explore and experience the freedom of creating content using blocks.

The Future of WordPress

Blocks is the future of WordPress. Having Gutenberg as a default editor answers the need to provide its users with a better interface usability.

For now, Gutenberg is a content editor and not a page builder. An editor that will help you create rich content with a beautiful layout.

Still Not Ready?

WordPress 5.0 is a major upgrade. Third-party WordPress plugin may or may not be compatible with the new WordPress version. It is highly recommended to make backup of your website before updating to prevent risks.

If your concern is Gutenberg itself, you can install the Classic Editor Plugin. The Classic Editor Plugin will officially receive support until December 31, 2021.