Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day 2018

These days we all lead digital lives. January 28 is the Data Privacy Day. This day reminds us to protect our personal data online.

Data Privacy Day is an international event to encourage us to be aware of what we are sharing or typing online. This mean everyone, from children to adults, both businesses and government.

The most common data that needs protecting:

  • Name
  • Addresses
  • Emails
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Bank and Credit Card Details

How to celebrate Data Privacy Day?

  • Organize events and seminars on topics about data protection, online security, and privacy. You can attend such an event!
  • Shred some important paperwork that contains their personal information.
  • Adults can educate kids and teenagers to be careful about giving their personal information to strangers online.
  • Organize workshops about Data Protection.

Kahl Consultants supports Data Privacy Day!


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