Kahl Consultants Make A Change

Make your change count! Have you seen a homeless person on the street today? Most of the homeless people clearly are in need but giving on the street encourages panhandling. Put Your Change to Work offers an easy and unique way to help the homeless. Redirect your generosity through a meter-based donation program that benefits Downtown Streets Team in San Rafael.

What is Panhandling?

Panhandling is the same as begging. When people give to the people on the streets it will encourage them to continue to beg or panhandle for money and soon more homeless people will join them. Don't give on the street, feed the purple meter and make a change in the society! The purple meters not only accept coins but also accepts credit cards for donations. All proceeds go to Downtown Streets Team.

Kahl Consultants Make A Change Feed the Meter

Put Your Change to Work is a collaboration between Downtown Streets Team, the City of San Rafael, and the Business Improvement District to reduce the impact of panhandling on our downtown business district. The purple meters encourages the people to give and at the same time know where your donations are going.

Downtown Streets Team

This independent nonprofit has team members that are unhoused and living on a low income. Downtown Streets Team provides the homeless and low-income men and women with resources they need to rebuild their lives through community services. In return, team members receive a non-cash stipend to help cover basic needs, while taking advantage of our case management and employment services to find housing and a job.

Sponsor A Meter

You can also sponsor a Put Your Change to Work meter. Your name will be shown on the meter pole sign to show your support to reduce panhandling.