Net Neutrality Activists Step Up

This week you'll hear a lot about the term Net Neutrality. This term just means that your Internet Service Providers (like Comcast or Verizon) are not free to manipulate the content you access on the internet.  


In the past the FCC promised to uphold Net Neutrality. Now they want to give your ISP control of the speed or bandwidth distributed to an internet user. What you see and do over the internet will be limited, controlled and monopolized by high paying clients to all the known Internet Service Providers. This may result in a higher internet bill, controlled or limited flow of information and slower connection speeds.

Once again the FCC is proposing an internet where only those who pay will be heard and the data you receive will be limited and manipulated by ISPs. Large companies that can pay more will be favored while small companies will be left behind and there will be less freedom for the flow of information, knowledge and communication.

Join Us. Stand Up for Net Neutrality on July 12!