Marin Coalition March

Marin Coalition Presents: “New Approaches to Homelessness in Marin”

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Across Marin, the Bay Area, and California, homelessness remains a top concern. Over the last two years, the County of Marin, the City of San Rafael, local service providers, and a variety of community stakeholders have come together to envision and implement an entirely new approach to solving the challenge. To present an update on the latest developments on this critical topic, we have invited some of the key players who help direct the community’s efforts in this sphere, identified below. Please join us on March 7th to learn more about:

Pivoting an Entire System of Care:

  • The new process our community is using to “right-size” housing and prioritize the chronically homeless
  • The County’s new “Whole Person Care” program addressing high medical users
  • How we’re building cross-sector partnerships to create more affordable housing
  • Our opportunity to decrease chronic homelessness by 50% in two years

Addressing Tactical, Quality of Life Issues

  • A new approach to community outreach and engagement with the homeless population
  • The opportunities and challenges of housing chronically homeless people
  • Compassionate and innovative responses to community concerns

Visit Marin Coalition for more details. Check out their video from Marin Coalition's February 7, 2018 event.