Kahl Consultants Post Covid Online Marketing SEO

Three years after the pandemic changes the world, it's high time for a post-Covid online marketing strategy.

How long has your organization had an online presence? The Covid years saw many more organizations rely on the internet for their sales and communication. Success with online business relies on website traffic, which relies on promoting your website and other online channels. That's where Search Engine and Social Media Optimization (SEO/SMO) can really help your small business, especially if you are on a budget.

Five Ways SEO Marketing Can Help Your Organization Post-Covid

  1. Online competition has increased as many more businesses and organizations now are online, e.g. websites, social media, and neighborhood networks.
  2. SEO is the least expensive way to show up in search engines and boost traffic and sales.
  3. Websites are the crown jewel of online marketing, but other online accounts are also vital.
  4. Consistency in your SEO efforts improves your Google ranking.
  5. Content is (still) King, so optimize content for 2023 and beyond

SEO and SMO marketing is a long-term strategy. It takes a few weeks to see the first results, and a few months until an SEO campaign pays off. Continual SEO efforts throughout the year bring the best return.

Five Steps to improve your Post-Covid SEO Campaign

  1. Update and optimize your online listings starting with your Google Profile. How about some Rich Snippets?
  2. Determine which social media accounts are best for you, then optimize and add regular content. Like monthly news posts.
  3. Identify what parts of your online presence need Post-Covid updating and work on adding current content step-by-step.
  4. Are you a local business? Ensure your audience can find you regardless how they search for you.
  5. How has your business changed Post-Covid? Make sure these changes are reflected in your online presence.

Does your business need help to improve its online presence? An internet consultant can help! Kahl Consultants' offers online marketing services to help your small business or nonprofit. Contact Kahl Consultants at 415-499 0838 for a FREE consultation.