Nov 18 02

There are different reasons you might want to do a Restaurant Marketing if you're running a restaurant business. Like any other businesses you would want your brand (restaurant) to be known to the public and for the public to know what you offer.

1. To introduce a new restaurant
2. To attract new customers
3. To test new ideas
4. To let the public know what you are doing
5. To announce special holiday and theme events
6. To publicize a new or changed menu
7. To position your establishment a certain way
8. To reposition your competition
9. To resell lost customers
10. To introduce a new management
11. To report your achievements to the public
12. To create and a maintain a certain image
13. To increase sales
14. To keep your name in the public's eye, particularly if your competitors advertise
15. To stimulate conversation and word-of-mouth advertising