Wordpress 5.2

Wordpress 5.2 is Here!

The updated Wordpress 5.2 is named after a jazz musician, Jaco Pastorius. According to WordPress, their latest update makes it easier to fix your site if something goes wrong. Wordpress has added tools for identifying and fixing fatal errors. The latest update aims to please both the users and developers:

  • Accessibility updates
  • New Dashboard Icons
  • Plugin Compatibility Checks
  • PHP Version Bump
  • Privacy Updates
  • New Body Hook and
  • Building Javascript

For security, Kahl Consultants recommends that you have a professional update your Wordpress website immediately. Wordpress updates can destroy your site when not performed properly - that can be a real hassle. Even letting Wordpress do an auto-update can cause errors. For smooth updates give Kahl a call! For many years Kahl Consultants has been helping clients with website updates. Let us help you to make a smooth transition from the old to the updated versions of Wordpress. During each security upgrade, Kahl Consultants makes sure all your plugins are current and the general health of your website is secure. Visit kahl.net for more details about Kahl Consultant's services or you can contact us at 415 499 0838