Word Documents

So are you still paying money for a text editing program such as Microsoft Word?

Most PCs come with a free version of Microsoft Office which includes Microsoft Word but typically you only get you a trial version. You can try for free and then you have to buy it. Most computer users are better off switching to a free open source text editor, and LibreOffice is the current cream of the crop. In 2019 LibreOffice is the preferred alternative to Open Office and Word.

WordBut wait, will it be able to read and save files as Word DOCs? Why certainly!
Depending on which text editing program you are creating or editing a file with, that program will automatically save it in the native format of that program:
Native File Formats:

  • Word - DOC
  • Open Office - ODT
  • LibreOffice - ODF
  • Adobe Acrobat - PDF

Word DOC is the most popular format for editing PC documents. To save as Word DOC you have to SAVE AS or changed the default SAVE setting. PDF is the most popular format for printing and sharing across platforms. To save as PDF you typically either SAVE AS PDF, or EXPORT AS PDF or sometimes even PRINT AS PDF. You can even change the DEFAULT setting in LibreOffice to save as DOC!