Kahl Consultants Wordpress 5.8 is Here

Learn What's New in the Latest Major WordPress Release

WordPress 5.8 is the second major release for 2021. It's packed with new features and improvements. For example, there is a new template editor using block editors that allows you to create and save templates for you to use on your website.

Editing widgets is made easier in the new WordPress 5.8. 5.8 uses block editors as widgets! You can customize them in the widgets page, simply go to Appearance on your dashboard and select the widgets.

WordPress 5.8 now supports WebP images which have smaller file size consumption than PNG and JPEG images. Here's a tutorial at WPBeginner on How to use WebP images in WordPress. Note that WordPress will not automatically replace the image with JPEG or PNG if your site user visits in an unsupported browser.

With the 5.8 release, there are considerable improvements and new features within the block editors.

  • Select Parent Block in Nested Blocks
  • Better Select Tool
  • Enhanced List View
  • New Filters and Options for Images

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