Kahl Consultants WordPress 6.2 is Here


WordPress 6.2 is out! It is the first major release of 2023. We strongly recommend that all WP website owners update to WordPress 6.2 promptly.

Here are some of the significant new features and improvements that editors and programmers will appreciate:

  • Full Site Editor
  • More templates to choose from (plus you can edit them with the full site editor)
  • Add CSS to your theme (even add CSS for specific blocks)
  • Improved Navigation Menus (making it easier to add/edit site menus)
  • Style preview for all blocks
  • Copy and paste block styles
  • Distraction-free editing mode
  • Lots of other improvements

You can find more details in this article.

Remember, updating your WordPress website is not just about new features. It also keeps your WP software current and helps you avoid common issues:

  1. Security Issues - outdated versions of old WordPress can be vulnerable to hacking and malware.
  2. Compatibility - As new versions of WordPress are released, plugin and theme developers update their software to ensure compatibility.
  3. Performance - Each new version of WordPress comes with performance improvements.
  4. Bug Fixes - Like any software, WordPress is not immune to bugs and glitches. Each new release includes bug fixes and improvements that address issues identified in previous versions.

Kahl Consultants helps our clients update to the latest version of WordPress to ensure that their website is secure, compatible, and performs well.

Do you need help updating your WordPress website? Kahl Consultants can help! Contact us for FREE consultations at 415-499-0838.