Kahl Consultants Wordpress 5.3 Update

What's New in 5.3

The release date of the update is on November 12, 2019. In this update, the 12 releases of the Gutenberg plugin will be merged into 5.3. Here are some of the improvements you will expect to see:

  • Group block and grouping interactions
  • Columns block improvements (width support + patterns)
  • Table block improvements (text alignment support, header/footer support, colors)
  • Gallery block improvements (reordering inline, caption support)
  • Separator block improvements (color support)
  • Latest Posts block improvements (support excerpt, content)
  • List block improvements (indent/outdent shortcuts, start value and reverse order support)
  • Button block improvements (support target, border-radius)
  • Animations and micro-interactions (moving blocks, dropdowns, and a number of small animations to improve the UX)
  • Accessibility Navigation Mode which will allow you to navigate with the keyboard between blocks without going into their content.

Wordpress 5.3 update also includes a New Theme: Twenty Twenty which is based on the Chaplin Theme of WordPress.

Wordpress 5.3 Update twenty twenty

Need help in updating your website? Kahl Consultants can help! Give Kahl a Call at 415-499 0838, Contact us now. There are more features to see and test in the new upgrades, have you tried the beta yet? Tell us what you think about the new update.