Kahl Consultants COVID19 Business Recommendations

Kahl Consultants offers you our recommendations. Our goal is to help you safely stay in business during Shelter-In-Place and Social Distancing:

    1. Update Your Website for COVID-19
      • Start by posting a message on your Home Page
      • Use simple, brief language. Critical information comes first.
      • Share wait times, new hours, and safety messages.
      • Tell customers how they can make a purchase
      • Display your phone number.
      • Share pertinent updates and specials
      • List precautionary measures.
      • Let people easily subscribe to a newsletter
    2. COVID POP-UP BANNER - Customers want to know what you are doing to ensure their safety. Inform them with a COVID-19 NOTICE on your website, email newsletter and social media. Link the banner to a page with additional details.
    3. Go Online with Marketing, E-Commerce and Video - Go online! Move your marketing online. Add a shopping cart. Use videos for online training or showcase your products and services.
    4. Add COVID Resource and Landing Pages- Email communications that assure business continuity, and what to expect.
    5. Update Hours and Details on Directories and Social Media - Update Google My Business, popular Social Media such as Facebook and Directories such as Yelp if your hours or other business details have changed.
    6. Share what you are doing to help out - If you're helping customers or the community, be sure to mention it online: discounts, social services, community assistance, etc.
    7. Utilize social media accounts and local listings (ex: Alignable, NextDoor) to show your products or services.
    8. Update your blog posts for the latest business, products or services updates.