Kahl Consultants Exploring the Latest Features in WordPress 6 3

WordPress 6.3 has been released! WordPress is the leading Content Management System(CMS) and Kahl Consultants uses this open-source website tool for building and managing websites.

Are you a WordPress user? It's time for a security update! Let's take a look at the latest features in the 6.3 update.

What's New in WP 6.3

  • Site Editor Enhancements in 6.3
  • New Navigation in Site Editor
  • Manage Patterns in Site Editor
  • Quickly Edit Pages
  • Preview Block Themes in Site Editor
  • Style Revisions to Easily Undo Changes
  • The New Command Tool in 6.3
  • Block Editor Improvements
  • Footnote and Details Blocks
  • Improved Padding and Margin Controls
  • Better Handling of Image Aspect Ratio
  • Color and Layout Support for Cover Block
  • Link Control Enhancements in 6.3
  • Under the Hood Changes

WordPress 6.3 offers a lot of new features for editors and developers, so don't miss out on this latest update.

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