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Orthopedic Surgeon, Hip and Knee Surgery by Dr. Michael Kang

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Dr. Michael Kang is a board certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the field of joint replacement surgery of the hip and knee, as well as all facets of sports medicine. His patients range from professional athletes to active seniors to school aged children.

He completed an undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College. After finishing a medical degree at Temple University, he received his training in orthopedic surgery at the New Jersey Medical School. He proceeded to a fellowship in Adult Reconstruction of the Hip and Knee at Stanford University.

Knee & Hip Condition

Dr. Michael Kang specializes in the treatment of conditions of the hip and knee including hip arthroscopy, hip resurfacing, and primary and revision, total joint replacement.

Minimally Invasive

Dr. Michael Kang strives to improve patient quality of life by using minimally invasive solutions and procedures with leading-edge advancements in surgery.

Sports Medicine

Get maximum results with innovative techniques in the world of sports medicine. With surgical & non-surgical methods, Dr. Michael Kang strives to offer the highest quality of orthopedic care for all his patients.

Patient Education

To find out more about conditions and treatments offered, click on the red circle links on the right or on the list below.

• Arthritis of the Knee

• Knee Anatomy

• Total Knee Replacement

• ConforMIS Patient-Specific Knee Replacements

• Reduced Incision Approach

• Complications/Risks

• After Surgery

• Recovery


• MAKOplasty® Total Hip Replacement

• MAKOplasty® Partial Knee Resurfacing



• Anterior Surgical Approach

• Materials and Design

• After Surgery


Dr. Michael Kang offers state of the art treatments of arthritic conditions of the hip and knee as well as all sports related injuries.


• Total Knee Replacement

• Total Hip Replacement

• Hip Resurfacing

• Knee Arthroscopy

• Hip Arthroscopy

• Ligament Reconstruction of the Knee

• ConforMIS Patient-Specific Knee Replacements

• MAKOplasty® Total Hip Replacement

• MAKOplasty® Partial Knee Resurfacing


With offices conveniently located in New York City and Roslyn and West Sayville in Long Island, Dr. Michael Kang is available for consultations to help you with whatever your orthopedic condition just call 646-293-7510 to schedule an appointment. Visit http://michaelkangmd.com

Advertising Agency, Marketing, Logos, Brochures located in Marin County by McMillan Design Group

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McMillan is a graphic design and advertising agency situated in Marin County. With local clients and international clients, attempts to bring exciting, effective and entertaining solutions to a variety of situations.


McMillan Design enjoys the myriad of opportunities they face and look to provide the clients with the attention their business, service or organization requires to succeed.









About McMillan Design Group


McMillan Design Group is a Marin County graphic design company and advertising agency located in San Anselmo, California.


Made up of independent graphic designers, web designers and implementers, photographers, graphic illustrators, copy writers, campaign and market developers and a cartoonist pulled together and headed by Shawn McMillan. This team will design and create the various elements needed to accomplish a particular project. A team can be as many as six people…or one person may be able to provide the solution.


McMillan Design is also a broker for three printing firms to provide very competitive prices on anything from business cards, brochures, packaging to twelve foot banners.


The brochures and advertisements have been translated into many languages (Translation services are available.) for international and local clients.


The same care and attention to detail is provided to each and every client and project. It may be a logo design, a corporate identity or branding design, a marketing or advertising campaign, website development and SEO research or a package design.


For your advertising and marketing campaign needs call McMillan Design Group at 415.524.8937. Visit http://www.mcmillandesigngroup.com/



Tree Service, Tree Removal, Landscaping by Sonoma Marin Arborists Inc

Got Green? Sonoma Marin Arborists is here to Help!

Professional tree and landscape experts offering sustainable services for trees, plants, earth in Sonoma and Marin County. Sonoma Marin Arborists hired Kahl Consultants for website revamped and search engine optimization

Established in 2007, Sonoma-Marin Arborists Inc. is a small, woman-owned, licensed tree and landscaping company offering certified arborist consultation, certified line clearance arborists, a licensed timber operator, CCO, and master green building professional service in the 6th year of their operation. With over 20 years experienced in the field, SMArborists explore green waste recovery and salvage opportunities while delivering quality, communication, & craftsmanship.

Sonoma-Marin Arborists Services:

* Licensed Tree Service

* Stump Removal 

* Landscaping Contractor 

* Tree Trimming 

* Hazard tree assessment from trimming to total tree removal

* Certified Line Clearance Arborists

* Salvaged Redwood lumber for sale from saw logs

* Large-scale brush chipping with excavator

* Invasive species, tall grass, weed mowing & mastication

* Tractor & excavator work

* Hauling of wood & chips

*Certified Line Clearance Arborist

* Class A commercial trucking license & 65 foot rear mount bucket truck

* Crane services with Ad-Lite Crane & Precision Crane Services

* On-site wood milling available

* Tree mulching for overall health & vigor

* Firebreaks done in participation with local fire & fuel load specialists

* Overseeing spraying for SOD

* Tree assessment in conjunction with Consulting Arborists

* Safety pruning with regard to high target & traffic areas

* Fast response to storm emergencies

Trees and the land are integral parts of the ecosystems that SMArborists advocate for, but they also view them, in a much broader sense, as directly interconnected to our larger planet, as a whole.

The most exciting & rewarding part of SMA’s tree & landscaping projects is seeing the benefits of proper tree & land care, with regards to sustainability, aesthetics, & the multifaceted functionality of trees, plants, & earth, well placed. The Sonoma Marin Arborists are working for the Planet!

Proper tree care is necessary. It should be done by a licensed arborist. They are specialists in proper trimming of trees. Pruning or removal can be dangerous. We can help!

For tree service and landscaping contact Sonoma Marin Arborists Inc. at 415-455-8733. Visit www.SMArborists.com.


Eliminate negative emotion; Learn Emotional Intelligence through Warrior Mind-THE MIND-BODY CONNECTION

We have helped Bill Hool create a website dedicated to the promotion of good health through understanding the emotional component of illness. His belief is that only when negative emotions can be eliminated from an individuals mind-body can true health be realized. He says that although diet, exercise, and nutrition are important they are, as science is proving, all secondary to a positive mental attitude or BEING HAPPY.  In other words, the human body will always perform less effectively if one is emotionally drained by fear, shame, anger, or loneliness and no amount of physical activity or conditioning will truly compensate.

Bill is constantly searching the internet for the latest scientific studies that point up the importance of understanding how emotions impact our health and, when he finds them, he posts them under categories so that the reader can explore whichever negative emotion is pertinent to them. And, when he finds posts that give clues as to how to deal with those negative emotions, he posts those as well. He also lists the steps he has found helpful to him in eliminating negative emotions and he lists them under FOUR STEPS on the website. 


Bill has written a book for his young son about all the things he wants his son to know that will probably not be gained from other sources – the things that schools and books may never provide – most especially about sex, drugs, addiction, old age, and being healthy.  He also presents his perspective on Alzheimer’s disease and why he believes it to be an emotionally caused disease that can, like all illnesses, be prevented by mindful awareness. The book can be downloaded free of charge from the website or ordered through Amazon.


Bill says his interest in the mind-body began when, at twenty years of age, he faced a life-threatening illness and came to realize the importance of emotions on health. Since that time he has made it his goal to promote the importance of understanding and eliminating negative emotions through mindful awareness. Bill has been, among other things, a police sergeant for 17 years, a registered nurse for 28 years, a small business owner for 23 years, and an elementary school teacher. He is presently employed by the City of San Francisco, Dept. of Public Health as an RN within Jail Medical Services. He lives in San Rafael, California and spends as much time as possible at a home in the Maluku Islands of Indonesia.

For more information on how to eliminate negative emotions and health promotion contact Bill Hool at 415 479 6079. Visithttp://www.awarriormind.com/