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Bids For Connection by Ilene Wolf MFT Couples and Relationship Counseling, Making Relationships Work

Psychotherapist, Ilene WOlf, MFT hired Kahl Consultants for Bids for Connection online marketing. Bids for Connection offers couples counseling and relationship theraphy.



EVERY INTERACTION IS either based on fear or a BID FOR CONNECTION! AT BIDS FOR CONNECTION, you will discover your ability to handle difficult conversations by utilizing proven tools.

When was the last time you CAN remember being happy? Changing how you think is essential to changing self-defeating behavior. Ilene Wolf CAN SHOW YOU HOW.

Consult with Ilene Wolf MFT at Bids for Connection Therapy, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, WORKING in San Francisco and Marin FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS, SPECIALIZING IN couples counseling and individual counseling.  

ILENE has helped 100s OF INDIVIDUALS AND COUPLES resolve DATING AND relationship problems to give you (the Stanford research evidenced- based tools to overcome CONFLICT IN marriage. AN EXPERT in Conflict Resolution, Ilene LEADS Empathy CIRCLES AND forgiveness workshops THROUGH THE USE OF COGNITIVE THERAPY (CBT) AND drama therapy .

Have you locked yourself into an unloving relationship?

Addressing all relationships: partners, family and work. Safe. Confidential.


A BID FOR CONNECTION is an attempt to create a CONNECTION between two people to keep the relationship going forward.


Remedy: Learn your unique attachment style (PREOCCUPIED, AVOIDANT, SECURE); how does the lack of trust and past hurt determine your interactive style.

Reclaiming: Give yourself a tremendous amount of SELF-empathy and compassion within the context of a caring therapist. Reclaiming the hurt, lost and disowned parts of the self.


Recovery: Going back for the lost parts of ourselves, integrating the hurt, metabolizing the grief.

Replenishment: Finding the dreams behind the conflict. To understand and experience what compassion for the self and others feels like.

Resources: Discover the resources and gifts in our hidden emotions. What would it mean to get past the anger, anxiety and depression and be the beneficiary of your own energy?

Building: Experience love as a feeling -- otherwise AS a commodity we CAN never  have enough of IT.


WE LEARN HOW TO trust, stemming from our early childhood experiences, blueprints and impressions that carry over in our day to day experiences.  

Discover THE TOOLS OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SO YOU CAN trust yourself and your partner MORE:

  1. The Universal laws of love based on nonviolent communication
  2. The essential ingredient of love is the power behind vulnerability
  3. Finding the confidence to stand up to everyday conflict in relationships at the work place and home
  4. The Art of showing and receiving empathy
  5. Why requests and needs are repeatedly not met, and what you can do about it
  6. Requests as camouflaged demands, Recognizing Hidden Emotions

Learn AND RELY ON EVIDENCE -BASED STANFORD research-proven tools that help create positive changes in your relationships

We all have felt and feared our vulnerability, yet this essential ingredient is what truly connects us. This therapy will show you how to have a RELATIONSHIP THAT WORKS.


By Having The Courage --Things CAN AND Do Get Better!

PEOPLE ASK: Why can’t I seem to feel better? The answer goes back to our beliefs about people, places and things.

Therapy works when it involves a trusting relationship with a therapist who gives you the exact tools to get out of the predicament you are in. While empathy is one key element of therapy, it is not enough alone to single-handedly change your behavior.

If your childhood was filled with uncertainty, disregard, neglect or violence, chances are some of your problems in relationships may stem from wanting to keep people at a distance to determine whether or not people or situations are safe.

Finding the Capacity to Be Happy and Experience Contentment

The source of anxiety and depression is often unexpressed feelings. The impossible demand that we be "nice" at the expense of ourselves -- leaving us at the risk of anyone truly knowing who we are.


Have you locked yourself into an unloving relationship?
Master the ability to forgive yourself and others.

A safe confidential space where you can work through your feelings of loss, hurt and grief, whether THE LOSS IS recent, or long ago.

The purpose of the Practicing The Art of Forgiveness Group is to provide a safe and compassionate space to share, connect, and learn from others who have had a similar experience. With tools and insight provided by a supportive therapist, group members will have the chance to share experiences, explore feelings and move beyond hurt, and repair relationships through the use of metta (loving kindness) meditation and modern therapeutic tools -- including The Five Secrets. We do deep experiential work in these sessions, so this group is not for everyone.

Practicing The Art of Forgiveness Group meets the first Thursday of the month in San Rafael, CA. Individual session required to ensure that this group meets your individual goals.


Ilene Wolff, LMFT, RDT, a licensed marriage and family therapist, graduated from UC Berkeley and trained at Stanford University (Advanced Applications of Cognitive Therapy with David Burns, MD.) Ilene is a member of The Feeling Good Institute. Ilene teaches at JFK University and Sonoma State University. She  is the director of the Drama Therapy Institute www.dramatherapyinstitute.com.

Ilene is the winner of the California Marriage and Family Therapists’ 2012 Education Foundation Award. Ilene HAS trained and taught at the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto (Brief Solution-Focused Therapy. Ilene is a past vice president of the San Francisco Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT). Ilene was the Teaching Assistant for The Milton Erickson Institute of the Bay Area (2010-2012) as well as David Burn’s Summer Intensive (2011) on Cognitive Therapy (CBT) and the TEAM model. Ilene has presented at the National Drama Therapy Conference and has been a guest lecturer at UC Berkeley.  

For couples counseling and relationship conflict problems call Ilene Wolf at 415.263.6744. Visit www.bidsforconnection.com/

Richard Wodehouse offers Residential construction manager, owner's representative services.

Richard Wodehouse chose Kahl Consultants to built website and online marketing for his business to reach customer from local area and anyone who needs his service. 

Richard Wodehouse is an owner’s project manager in Marin County with numerous honor and merit awards including the Colorado Association of Homebuilders 2000 Builder of the Year. As an owner’s project manager in Tiburon and Belvedere he oversees construction projects of all sizes for an efficiency and budget, eco certification, and to give home owners peace of mind. Richard has more than 35 years of experience as a fine home builder in California and Colorado.

Working on behalf of the homeowner, an owner’s project manager detects problems before they occur, reduces costs, prevents delays, and manages subcontractors. Having an owner’s project manager allows you to confidently approach projects such as new home construction, eco renovations, making the additions you’ve always wanted, or installing features to increase property values. Architects and realtors are an integral part of the process, and Richard can work directly on new construction projects. Richard is also certified to help implement cost effective green building measures. By utilizing Richard as an owner’s project manager, you save time and prevent costly delays through his hands-on, experienced management. Throughout the project, and afterwards, Richard will be your trusted and fair advisor.

Owner’s Project Management

Large commercial construction has always used a project manager; residential construction of all sizes is just realizing the benefit of a project manager for the same reasons. As a project manager, Richard evaluates schedule, and aid in the selection of subcontractors to give you more time and peace of mind. With years of experience, he can detect problems before they occur, forecast budgets in advance, and can compare costs across suppliers. Richard Wodehouse is also certified to suggest green building options where appropriate. You’ll receive weekly project updates, a project calendar so you can plan visits at key decision-making times, and a trustworthy personal advisor.

An owner’s project manager will give appropriate information and advice so that the owner can make informed decisions and maintain control of the project and spend his money wisely. By coordinating, guiding and monitoring that the entire team is working towards like objectives problems are averted, delays are prevented and risks are reduced, therefore substantial money is saved.

The number of hours necessary and appropriate to perform the duties required on a project to be determined as project evolves. Owner can request additional work, or lessen amount of work, or terminate the work of the OR at all times. Payment arrangements to be agreed upon by Owner and OR.

Little risk for you since Richard is paid hourly and the amount of involvement is decided by you, shortly after his involvement you can determine the valued he is bringing to the project.

Your investment in time will be repaid in a short time by giving you added confidence and peace of mind with verification that your project is proceeding the way it should.

Though it’s best to have a project manager throughout the process, there are three distinct stages during which Richard can help you:


Richard believed that his skill is to bring a meditative influence to a conflict to help people engage constructively, which will result in a satisfactory and permanent closing of the case. After a 33 year career as a builder of fine homes and light commercial buildings, He is now focus on construction project management and serve as a professional mediator.

Construction Resolution Experience

In 33 years spent creating architecturally challenging structures he have mediated one hundred disputes between highly invested, sometimes highly emotional individuals.  He has worked out very interesting and complex solutions between:

Owners and sub-contractors

Subcontractors and other subs on the same site

Subcontractors and their own employees working at sites

Employees with each other

Employees to company leadership

These conflicts carry the added urgency of adverse impact on the schedule for the entire project if not addressed and resolved within a day or two.


I work with you, the architect, to create a harmonious green construction project with your client. Working together, I give you reliable, authoritative input that is relevant to your current design, resulting in a “menu” of green features to present to your client. Take confidence that the products and features you implement meet green building standards and your project. In addition to decades of working with architects as a contractor, I’ve also served as a consultant in green building for residential projects for Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI).

During the permitting and planning approval process we can work to identify:

Deconstruction and salvage

Impact of trucks on site and surroundings

Tracking Feedback

Compliance with Cal Green, Green Point Rated

Passive House Energy Standard

Living Building Challenge

LEED for homes

Building science

Controlled ventilation

Whole house systems

Indoor air quality

Lower maintenance

Reduced climate impact and lower bills

Recycling on-site

After construction I offer a specialized, unique Owner’s Manual which details for the client the location, use, and emergency shut-off for the green features and regular features such as power and gas.

The savings to your client will more than cover my costs.


With 37 years of experience with fine homes, Richard has a history of working with realtors and architects to meet client needs.

When you have a client that is interested in a piece of property that includes the possibility of remodeling or new construction, contact Richard and he can advise you on what is feasible, the corresponding budgets, and the reasonable timeline.

Richard will use his experience in building more than 100 projects, many of them high-end, and in all kinds of settings. Your clients can make informed decisions about their dream property.


Richard is using his vast experience and knowledge gained in 37 years of building architecturally demanding projects in California and Colorado helping owners in the role of an Owner’s Project Manager. It is the OR’s role to provide guidance and information to eliminate uncertainties and ensure the Owner’s best interests are at the heart of every decision made and attempt ensure the best products and practices are employed.

“From my extensive experience I know what questions to ask, what information needs to be gathered.”

Richard E. Wodehouse started as a custom builder in San Diego County, California, where he quickly gained a reputation as being one of the area’s finest contractors. After 15 years, he established operations in Telluride, Colorado. Known for his ability to successfully complete architecturally-challenging projects, Richard developed a close working relationship with both world-renowned and local architects. In 1999, he opened a second office in Aspen, Colorado. Richard now lives in Marin County where he is a construction project manager.

Richard’s projects have been featured in such magazines as Architectural Record, Custom Builder, Remodeling Ideas, Progressive Architecture, Colorado Homes & Life-Styles, Telluride Style, and Sojourner Magazine. Richard was named Colorado’s “Builder of the Year” for 2000, and has received numerous national and regional awards for his efforts in Green Building.

Richard is a national speaker and often contributes articles to local newspapers on various Green Building topics. He is an avid sailor, river kayaker, and motorcyclist. Richard is also bilingual in Spanish and English.


For project management and mediation services contact Richard Wodehouse at 415-944-0278 http://www.richardwodehouse.com/

Tai Chi and Feldenkrais Instructor by teacher Kenn Chase

Marin County Tai Chi classes and Feldenkrais instruction by teachers Kenn Chase and Vicki Chase. Learn the ancient art of moving meditation by joining our lessons in San Rafael and San Geronimo.

Vicki hired Kahl Consultants for web design and online marketing for their business.

Tai Chi Ch’uan, is the ancient art of moving meditation, has profound effects on our neuro-biology and produces many health benefits as well as improving strength, balance and flexibility. Through the centuries the Chinese have utilized Tai Chi as a healing art. We now have current medical research to confirm the power of Tai Chi as an optimal preventive as well as restorative healing technique.

The Integral Way Tai Chi combines traditional Yang style Tai Chi Ch’uan, Feldenkrais™ – Awareness through Movement™, Chi Gong and meditation. It offers a blend of Eastern philosophical practices and Western mind-body techniques to enhance learning and human potential.

Kenn and Vicki Chase have a unique, personable and nurturing approach to teaching. They have taught together for over 30 years and bring a pleasing blend of Yin and Yang to their teaching.


Kenn and Vicki Chase have been teaching together since 1982. Combined, they have over 75 years teaching experience. As a husband and wife team, they bring a unique balance of yin/yang and east/west philosophy and practices.

Their clientele includes hospitals, corporations, schools and community groups.



Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi includes a series of 54 synchronized moves. The advanced – Long Form is 108 moves.  Students are required to become proficient at the 54 (Short Form) before proceeding to the Long Form.  New moves are introduced each week with plenty of repetition and time for review of previous moves.  Posture, breathing and alignment are emphasized to prevent strain.

Classes are small (generally 6-12 students per class) and you will have both Kenn and Vicki working with you.  Individual attention and guidance is offered freely.

Fees are based on a month-to-month basis.  The actual fee varies with location.  Please call for up to date information.  A calendar of class dates is always available.


Awareness through Movement® Classes

Feldenkrais® – Awareness through Movement® (ATM) is a neuro-muscular re-education technique. Developed by physicist, engineer and martial artist, Moshe Feldenkrais, it is a self-healing after a paralyzing accident.  He applied the principles of physics to his rehabilitation and was able to become fully functional despite the words of his physicians. His peers were so astonished that they asked him to teach them and a new healing technique was born.

Awareness through Movement® exercises are guided by a certified Feldenkrais® practitioner.  They are done on the floor (using a mat) in a relaxed, effortless state out of the field of gravity.  The emphasis is on being aware of ones limits and working within those boundaries allowing for a gentle release of tension and holding in the musculature.  Thus one learns from their own body and allows the body to reprogram the mind-body connections freeing one from habitual patterns that constrain the body and movement.  The overall goal is to decrease holding patterns that limit function.

The Feldenkrais integrates movement with thinking, feeling and sensing; it can also expand your potential in other areas, particularly creativity and problem solving.

Awareness through Movement® exercises enhances the learning of Tai Chi.

All Workshops include:

Instruction and refinement of Tai Chi forms

Feldenkrais®-Awareness through Movement® session

Educational components on the History and Health Benefits of Tai Chi


For more information about Tai Chi and Feldenkrais class schedule call Integral Way Tai Chi at 415 488 4213. Visit www.integralwaytaichi.com/  

Orthopedic Surgeon, Hip and Knee Surgery by Dr. Michael Kang

For the promotional and online marketing Dr. Michael Kang chooses Kahl Consultants.  After studying the website Kahl Consultants come up with the recommendation for better ranking and more seo- friendly website.

Dr. Michael Kang is a board certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the field of joint replacement surgery of the hip and knee, as well as all facets of sports medicine. His patients range from professional athletes to active seniors to school aged children.

He completed an undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College. After finishing a medical degree at Temple University, he received his training in orthopedic surgery at the New Jersey Medical School. He proceeded to a fellowship in Adult Reconstruction of the Hip and Knee at Stanford University.

Knee & Hip Condition

Dr. Michael Kang specializes in the treatment of conditions of the hip and knee including hip arthroscopy, hip resurfacing, and primary and revision, total joint replacement.

Minimally Invasive

Dr. Michael Kang strives to improve patient quality of life by using minimally invasive solutions and procedures with leading-edge advancements in surgery.

Sports Medicine

Get maximum results with innovative techniques in the world of sports medicine. With surgical & non-surgical methods, Dr. Michael Kang strives to offer the highest quality of orthopedic care for all his patients.

Patient Education

To find out more about conditions and treatments offered, click on the red circle links on the right or on the list below.

• Arthritis of the Knee

• Knee Anatomy

• Total Knee Replacement

• ConforMIS Patient-Specific Knee Replacements

• Reduced Incision Approach

• Complications/Risks

• After Surgery

• Recovery


• MAKOplasty® Total Hip Replacement

• MAKOplasty® Partial Knee Resurfacing



• Anterior Surgical Approach

• Materials and Design

• After Surgery


Dr. Michael Kang offers state of the art treatments of arthritic conditions of the hip and knee as well as all sports related injuries.


• Total Knee Replacement

• Total Hip Replacement

• Hip Resurfacing

• Knee Arthroscopy

• Hip Arthroscopy

• Ligament Reconstruction of the Knee

• ConforMIS Patient-Specific Knee Replacements

• MAKOplasty® Total Hip Replacement

• MAKOplasty® Partial Knee Resurfacing


With offices conveniently located in New York City and Roslyn and West Sayville in Long Island, Dr. Michael Kang is available for consultations to help you with whatever your orthopedic condition just call 646-293-7510 to schedule an appointment. Visit http://michaelkangmd.com