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Know How Businesses Help in Fighting Homelessness

Homelessness in the North Bay

Downtown Streets Fighting Homelessness in the North Bay

This August 13, Marin Green Drink's guest speaker is Jonathan Campbell of Downtown Streets Team San Rafael. He will talk about "How Businesses Help in Fighting Homelessness in the North Bay". Help Downtown Streets increase the awareness of the homelessness situation here in the Bay Area. Know how people become homeless and how to prevent it. You can also help in your own way, you can raise funds to donate through birthdays, marathons or karaoke nights.

New Indian Grocery Store in The Mission

Indian Spices & Groceries is now Hot in The Mission

A new Indian store is now heating up the Mission District! Indian Spices & Groceries is one of Kahl Consultant's new clients. They are located at 3265 22nd St near the City College of San Francisco. They just opened July 2019, and are offering 10% Off during their Grand Opening during the month of July.

Word Word Word, Word is the Word

Word Documents

So are you still paying money for a text editing program such as Microsoft Word?

Most PCs come with a free version of Microsoft Office which includes Microsoft Word but typically you only get you a trial version. You can try for free and then you have to buy it. Most computer users are better off switching to a free open source text editor, and LibreOffice is the current cream of the crop. In 2019 LibreOffice is the preferred alternative to Open Office and Word.