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For Mental Game Coaching for Athletes, Sports Teams, Coaches, Families and Sporting Organizations come to Protex Sports.

John Ellsworth of ProtexSports hired Kahl Consultants for online marketing of services they offer. ProtexSports is a sports psychology consulting and mental game coach for athletes, parents, coaches, and teams. 

What is Sport Psychology?

The study of behavior factors that influence and are influenced by active participation in sport, exercise, and physical activity is called sports psychology.

Psychology in sport works with the mental aspects of sport performance such as improving mental toughness, regaining composure, increasing confidence or refining focus. Coaches focus on the strategic and physical components of competition and technical skills, however, sports psychology professionals strive to enhance the minds of athletes to help identify triggers that negatively impact performance. As a result athletes are more equipped to handle the pressures of competition, overcome negative thoughts or beliefs, enter the zone more easily and remain focused for longer periods of time. All of these skills lead to improved performance and a stronger, champion mindset!

What services are provided by a sport psychology professional?

Mental Game professionals work with individuals, groups and organizations on the psychological factors which performance such as:

  •              Confidence Development
  •              Focus/Concentration Skills
  •              Composure in Competitive Environments
  •              Goal Setting
  •              Pre-Game Routine Development
  •              Positive Self Talk
  •              Distraction Control
  •              Tool for Relaxation
  •              Solutions to Burnout
  •              Parent Education


The mission of the Protex Sports Psychology Programs is to promote the student and professional athlete’s mental game learning and development. Consistent with Protex Sports mission to “educate the whole person”, our sport psychology program promotes the academic, social, emotional, spiritual, athletic and personal development of all athletes using applied sport psychology principles in a sport performance setting. Through a process of identifying the fears, mental barriers and other mental skills challenges, we are able to develop strategies to find and build on success. We believe that a healthy, mentally tough mindset is the key element to improving performance and creating confidence. This unique approach is the very core of our mental skills training program and is used to assist athletes to achieve new heights in their athletic performance, and personal lives.

About John Ellsworth

John Ellsworth holds a Master’s Degree in counseling psychology with a specialization in sports psychology and is presently a doctoral candidate in the field. John brings a multifaceted approach to the mental aspects of sports and health. Combined with his expertise in clinical and applied sports psychology, John has extensive experience coaching, teaching, and consulting with professional, elite, college, high school, and middle school athletes. In addition, John’s personal success in professional and amateur sports is testament to his ability to apply the concepts he teaches: goal setting, perseverance, life balance, belief in self, and mastery of the mental game.  John is available to consult and counsel with athletes at all levels, sports teams, coaches, families, and organizations. John is also available for workshops and seminars. 


Sports Psychology for Individuals, Teams, Coaches, Kids, and Sports Parents

                One-On-One Mental Game Coaching

                Team Mental Game Coaching

                Coaching Consultation/Educational Services

                One-One Coaching for Sports Parents/Parents & Athletes Coaching

                Sports Specific Mental Game Coaching

                Sports Mechanics for Baseball and Golf

                Triathlon and Multi Sport Training                            


Sports psychology and mental game consulting and coaching services                                                                                                                                              

For sports psychology and mental game consulting and coaching services call ProtexSports at (800) 608-1120 or visit http://protexsports.com 



Need a video production service specializing in videotaping depositions and courtroom video displays? Meet Legal Videos!

Kahl Consultants client, Legal Videos offers video depositions, courtroom trial presentation. Owner Bill Hamm hired Kahl Consultants for their online marketing promotions of their video production services.

Legal Videos of San Rafael, CA are seasoned video professionals that are service oriented and competitively priced. They have established a solid reputation with colleagues by providing top quality, prompt, and reliable video service in particular when it comes to trials and courtrooms.

Video Production Services Offered:

  • Videotaped Depositions
  • Post Production
  • Non-Linear Editing
  • Courtroom Playback Equipment:
  • Elmo, DVD Player, VCR,
  • Projectors, Screens,
  • Multi-Sync Monitors, Computers
  • Recording Formats in DVD, VCD, CD,
  • S-VHS, or VHS Digital or Analog
  • Videoconferencing
  • Day In The Life
  • Audio/Video Duplications
  • Computer Animation and Graphics
  • Still Photographs from Video
  • Digital Photographic Services
  • Document Imaging and
  • Printing Services
  • Real-Time Court Reporters

Vdeographers are trained by highly experienced and eye for detail. Along with being technical, Bill likes to think of himself as a people person who has created a high-end yet personable service-oriented business.

"My passion has always been in technology, particularly in the Audio / Visual / Photographic / Computer arena," says Bill.

Video Room for Editing


All the work, including the synchronizing of the video and transcript, are done in their own state-or-the-art studio.

LiveNote CLSP (P), CLVS videographers, and a Notary Public are available.

Inside the Courtroom

Courtroom Video Services

Legal Videos train small to medium size law firm in the fundamentals of the latest multi-media litigation support and trial needs.

Equipment Available

ELMO, Projectors/Screens, Multi-sync Monitors, DVD Player, VCR, Computers, Audio/Video, Amplifiers, Sound Systems, Laser Pointers and more.

Courtroom Services:

•  Preparations

•  Presentations

•  Assistance

•  Equipment Rentals and more…


For your courtroom trial presentation and video depositions needs call videographer Legal Videos at 415- 459-7672 or visit http://legalvideos.com




Kamman Hydrology & Engineering Inc. of San Rafael, CA offers Engineering, Hydrologic and Earth Science services for restoration, enhancement, protection of watershed, river, wetland and coast.

Kahl Consultants client, Kamman Hydrology & Engineering, is a natural resources consulting firm, which offers services for restoration of watershed, wetlands, estuarine. Kahl Consultants is pleased to help Kamman Hydrology for their online marketing promotion for their services.

natural resources consulting firm

Did you know Kamman Hydrology & Engineering, Inc. (KHE) is a natural resources consulting firm specializing in watershed, wetlands, estuarine and coastal protection, restoration and enhancement?  

Since 1997, KHE has been providing clients with innovative solutions and sustainable designs that maximize ecological values in every land use context from National Park to the urban corridor.

Integrating hydrology, engineering, geology, water quality and geomorphic sciences, KHE provides clients with an understanding the physical systems and biological linkages critical for sustainable water and ecological resource restoration and management. It is the unique nature, challenge and opportunity at each site that inspires our work.

Make KHE your resource for:

Wetland, Stream and Floodplain Restoration Design: concept plans to final plans and specifications

Water Resources, Estuarine and Coastal Lagoon Management

Watershed, Geomorphic and Sediment Transport Assessment

Flood Hazard Reduction Assessment

Surface and Ground Water Supply, Management and Impact Assessment

Hydrologic/Geomorphic/Water Quality Field Investigations

Water Supply and Water Supply Impact Assessment

Numerical modeling of seasonal and tidal wetland and watershed processes

Hydrologic Water Balance, Base flow and Unimpaired Flow Analysis

Salmonid habitat restoration

KHE is a woman-owned business and registered small business in the state of California.


KHE’s mission is to design and implement sustainable natural resources management protection, enhancement and restoration in watershed, river, wetland and coastal systems utilizing engineering, hydrology, geomorphology and applied earth sciences.

KHE provides every client with:

science based, ecological resource oriented solutions;

innovative, technically sound and defensible analysis;

continuity between field studies, technical analysis and documentation; and,

accurate, timely and cost efficient assistance throughout the life of every project.


KHE provides SERVICES grounded in understanding the linkages between hydrology, geomorphic processes and ecological function in support of natural resources enhancement and protection.  Our projects address sensitive plant, wildlife and fish habitat, and require an understanding and balance of scientific, regulatory, and economic issues and objectives. KHE services are typically undertaken on public lands in the context of local, state (CEQA) and federal statutes (NEPA), and other regulatory frameworks.

Coastal and Estuarine Analysis

Ecological Restoration Planning and Design

Education and Public Outreach

Engineering Design

Fluvial Geomorphology and Sediment Transport Assessment

Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling

River and Watershed Assessment

Stream Flow, Tidal Influence Sediment and Groundwater Monitoring

Water Supply and Water Quality Assessment

For water resources engineering and earth science consulting services call Kamman Hydrology & Engineering at 415-491-9600. Visit the http://kammanhydrology.com/ .




MARIN WATERSHED MAGIC  Creekwalker photographs

January 15 – February 23, 2013  

                       (Tuesdays – Saturdays, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)   

Gala Reception Saturday, Jan. 26, 12:30 - 3pm

at the  Bay Model Visitor Center (Army Corps of Engineers (located at Marinship Way off Bridgeway in Sausalito)

For more information, please contact:    

Joyce Clements for the Gallinas Watershed Council

Phone: 415-499-1477    

                      Reflections on Water by Creekwalker                                 

Reflections on Water: Marin Watershed Magic, a photographic exhibition celebrating the life and beauty of Marin County creeks, will open at the Bay Model Visitor Center in Sausalito on January 15th and run through February 23rd. The photographer, Sue Mace, the Creekwalker, captures the rippling, flowing, gushing and swirling of streams, rivulets and pools – even drops of fresh water. Not typical waterscapes seen from afar, these pictures offer a right-now visceral experience for the viewer because Creekwalker shoots from inside the creeks, primarily while exploring the stream beds on foot.  Taken in East Marin creeks flowing into the San Francisco and San Pablo Bays and in West Marin creeks which emerge into the Pacific Ocean, the images immerse us in the very moment light touches moving water, leaves and sticks. 

Reflections on Water: Marin Watershed Magic is sponsored by the Gallinas Watershed Council, who cordially invites water, art and photography enthusiasts to a gala reception at the Bay Model on Saturday, January 26th, 12:30 - 3:00 p.m.  At 2:00 p.m., hydrologist Rachel Kamman will host a half-hour dialogue, “visioning goals for the future of our local watersheds,” with community watershed leaders.

Creekwalker has generously donated 100% of net profits from the sale of art photographs and greeting cards to the Gallinas Watershed Council to support their non-profit stewardship, education and advocacy work for the Gallinas Watershed. (www.gallinaswatershed.org)