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How to convert a Word DOC to a PDF file


Adobe Acrobat is the most common way to make PDF files. You can convert one or a few files to pdf on adobe.com for free


Great alternative to Adobe


With the doc open in Word, go File menu > Print and then, if you have Adobe Acrobat PDFwriter loaded as one of your "printer" choices, you can "print" the file  (even though, confusingly, nothing gets printed) and convert it to a PDF.


The following are offering free services to convert word files into pdf's online:


North Bay Bohemian Best of 2013 Readers Poll (Marin)


 Survey ends January 11 at 05:30 PM.

Once a year, it’s your turn to vote! Vote in the Bohemian Best of the North Bay Readers Poll.

The Survey runs between now and Friday, Jan. 11, 2013. 

Keep in mind that any big-box corporate entities will be tossed out in favor of our prized independents; we’re all about supporting local businesses and people. Sit down with the ballot and vote for your favorites today!

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This survey consists of 168 questions. You must answer at least 50 questions in order for your answers to be counted.


The Emerging Status of Nonprofits And the Bystander Effect

On March 13, 1964, Kitty Genovese was returning home from work as a bar manager in New York. She parked her car and walked towards her apartment, just a 100 feet away. Suddenly she heard footsteps racing behind her. Before she could react, the assailant stabbed her twice. Screaming at the top of her lungs, she cried for help; repeatedly. No one came.  She died two hours later.

As investigators and reporters began piecing the story together, they were shocked by the lack of citizen intervention. At least two dozen people heard the screams over a 30-minute time span. Politicians, psychologists and clergymen were outraged, calling it another example of our apathetic social decay.

But two psychologists weren’t so sure. They wanted to know why Kitty was offered no help. Over the course of the next year, they conducted a series of experiments in crowded and private situations to understand what triggers and doesn’t trigger a response from bystanders. Here’s what they discovered:

Crowds behave like schools of fish – they group think. If there are no reactions to a stimulus, no one in the crowd will act. They found that “no one wants to stands out in a crowd.” This was proven time and time again as experiments were conducted on busy New York streets.

But as they tweaked their experiments, they finally discovered the answer and what instigates a reaction.

In today’s version of the “bystander effect,” one of our most precious socially important industries continue to pattern their future in the same methods as the past. As funds continue to dry up, many nonprofit agencies continue to seek financial help by using a single method of revenue generation: writing grants.

In comparison, a growing legion of innovative nonprofits across the globe are building “social enterprises,” and generating income through their own sales and services. One important result of this type of income is that grant-makers are more inclined to approve funds to organizations that are proving their ability to diversify their resources and gain greater self-sufficiency.

So in collaboration between Renaissance Marin and the Marin Community Foundation, we’re launching our best effort to break the bystander effect. Open to the first 20 nonprofits, this is an opportunity for agencies to learn the methods for building their own social enterprises. Think about the alternative: stay steady on your current course and watch your grant dollars diminish. The cost is also exceptionally affordable with some tuitions at $100 - less than seven percent of a popular national training program.

This is the one and only time we’ll be offering this training in 2013. The program is tailored made for nonprofits with little or no experience with business modeling. Not only will you learn all the essentials, you’ll have an opportunity to pitch your concepts to a panel of well accomplished business and social entrepreneurs. For ten groups that finish this two-month program, personal consultation will be provide to help you take your concepts to reality.

In addition, the workshops have been developed to respect your busy schedule. We’ll be meeting once every Thursday morning for three hours during the eight-week program starting January 31.

To get all the information, we urge you to attend the upcoming orientation on Thursday, Dec. 13; 10am at Renaissance Marin, 1115 3rd Street, San Rafael.

This program is specific to nonprofit agencies in Marin County and highly recommended for organizations receiving their funding through MCF.

For reservations to the orientation, please call us at 415.755.1115.

If you find yourself among of sea of bystanders unwilling to help you, what the researchers found was to target a single individual, get in front and make a plea. They found that tactic was the most effective way to gain help because a single individual when alerted stops group-think and becomes personally responsible. 


RenCenter Event: Increasing Revenues for Your Nonprofit

Renaissance Marin will conduct an orientation on Thursday, Dec. 13 at 10 am for nonprofit agencies who need to supplement their existing revenues by creating a social enterprise. 

This program comes through the sponsorship of the Marin Community Foundation which saw a need to help many of its own grantees to diversify their revenues streams. 

Renaissance Marin will be launching this workshop on January 31 to the first 20 organizations that sign up and pay the low-cost tuition, based on a sliding scale. 

The workshop will provide:  

* Classroom instruction
* Real-world practices
* One-on-one assistance and 
* An opportunity to pitch your concepts to a panel of  experts.  

If you've explored taking a workshop on this very subject, you know the costs are upwards of $1500. 

In this workshop, the tuition costs: 

Annual Revenue                       Tuition
to $100,000                                  $100
$101,000 to $250,000                    $200
$251,000 to $500,000                    $300
$501,000 to $1,000,000                  $400
Over $1,000,000                            $500

The training will take place at the Renaissance Center Marin in San Rafael. It will run three hours per session, once a week on Thursdays at 10am for eight weeks. Following the class sessions, a number of hours have been reserved to provide one-on-one assistance to individual agencies to help them launch their enterprises. 

So, if your agency has been searching for new ways to generate revenue, we urge you to attend this orientation, meet the staff and the main instructor. We'll give you the full picture about the program because we all know that many nonprofits continue to operate at less-than adequate financial levels. 

Please RSVP to reserve your seat by calling 415.755.1115. Please note: this workshop is for Marin County Nonprofit Agencies only.  

Renaissance Marin

1115 Third Street
San Rafael, CA 94901
(415) 348-6300