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RenCenter Event: Increasing Revenues for Your Nonprofit

Renaissance Marin will conduct an orientation on Thursday, Dec. 13 at 10 am for nonprofit agencies who need to supplement their existing revenues by creating a social enterprise. 

This program comes through the sponsorship of the Marin Community Foundation which saw a need to help many of its own grantees to diversify their revenues streams. 

Renaissance Marin will be launching this workshop on January 31 to the first 20 organizations that sign up and pay the low-cost tuition, based on a sliding scale. 

The workshop will provide:  

* Classroom instruction
* Real-world practices
* One-on-one assistance and 
* An opportunity to pitch your concepts to a panel of  experts.  

If you've explored taking a workshop on this very subject, you know the costs are upwards of $1500. 

In this workshop, the tuition costs: 

Annual Revenue                       Tuition
to $100,000                                  $100
$101,000 to $250,000                    $200
$251,000 to $500,000                    $300
$501,000 to $1,000,000                  $400
Over $1,000,000                            $500

The training will take place at the Renaissance Center Marin in San Rafael. It will run three hours per session, once a week on Thursdays at 10am for eight weeks. Following the class sessions, a number of hours have been reserved to provide one-on-one assistance to individual agencies to help them launch their enterprises. 

So, if your agency has been searching for new ways to generate revenue, we urge you to attend this orientation, meet the staff and the main instructor. We'll give you the full picture about the program because we all know that many nonprofits continue to operate at less-than adequate financial levels. 

Please RSVP to reserve your seat by calling 415.755.1115. Please note: this workshop is for Marin County Nonprofit Agencies only.  

Renaissance Marin

1115 Third Street
San Rafael, CA 94901
(415) 348-6300


Kahl Consultants just completed a website redesign for Groundswell Marketing of San Rafael, CA.


The former Groundswell website was built in flash. Unfortunately flash is not supported by Apple mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads. 
The Groundswell site was therefore converted to a mobile ready Wordpress CMS (content management system) site. It uses a responsive design to adapt to mobile devices and various monitor sizes. 
Groundswell offer clients around the world marketing and event planning services including:

·  Marketing Program Management

·  Conference Planning

·  Event & Tradeshow Marketing

·  Customer and Press Events

·  Sustainable Events

·  Sustainability Marketing

To see the new Groundswell site visit them online at:    http://www.groundswellmktg.com


For website design and other web services call Kahl Consultants at 1-415-499 0838  or visit http://www.kahl.net/


Microsoft Will Not Call You

My friend and colleague Steven Montoya of Computer Solutions of Marin just informed me of a new scam.

A scam artist is calling people, claiming to be from Microsoft and telling folks that their computer has a virus on them.

Don't be fooled into giving out your bank account details!

If anyone calls you and makes this type of claim hang up immediately. 

Microsoft will NOT be calling you.

Read more here:



Joanna Intara Zim is a Licensed Psychotherapist (MFT 38453, Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher and Guide in the Sonoma and San Francisco Bay Area.

A good counselor or therapist can be a lifesaver. Someone who teaches and coaches with knowledge and skill and patience and care. Joanna Intara Zim is such a person. Not only is she a licensed psychotherapist, she is also a spiritual guide who uses yoga, prayer and meditation in her practice. If you live in San Francisco or the North Bay you can ask Joanna to help you on your journey

Psychotherapist Joanna Intara Zim

Joanna offers psychotherapy and guidance to people from the Bay Area, Marin, and Sonoma County areas, and coaching and consulting in those areas and beyond. She is dedicated to continue her training, education, collaboration, and consultation for further growth and continuously deepen and mature her skills.

Joanna offers individuals and groups assistance with personal growth, teaches the need to come together as community, to listen to one another, and to work together to address the larger picture of integral planetary healing. She also offers consultation services for MFT Trainees and Interns, in addition to practice building consultation services for people in psychology and related professions. She is committed to continued development of these professional endeavors.

Her work speaks in this way as well…

“In the hushed hours of the night, an old, familiar whisper sighs…something isn’t working.  Can you continue to smother the voice that is calling you to all that is real, all that is unlived, unloved, and all that is missing from your waking life?  For many people each day is a struggle, a compromise and a resignation.  They are just waiting to live.  They dream of the other shore where life truly begins.

Guiding people to cross over to the other side is my life calling.

I show people how to break lifelong patterns once and for all, so they can end a lifetime of silent suffering.  They are finally free to fully express the peace and aliveness that is waiting to pour out of them.

It really matters to me that you can learn to be truly happy and not fake happy. Together we can walk through the matrix of the unnatural shadow self you have long carried, and release the life force to create the true desires of your soul.

When you reach that real place inside yourself, your instincts are naturally restored and your life begins to flow. You no longer experience burnout, emptiness, or unnecessary separations that cause humans pain.

When you are living from your genuine self there is a native relaxation.  Life, love, and work spring from a natural internal state of rest. So do joy, creativity and play. 

I am here to walk beside you, as your authentic self emerges and you begin to live in the simplicity of your being. I offer you a heart that truly cares and a keenly intuitive perception to witness the gifts awakening inside of you.

Psychotherapy Practices

Adult Therapy - Couples Therapy - Teen Therapy - Group Therapy - Trauma Therapy 

Common Issues that often lead people into therapy/counseling

Abuse Recovery (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Sexual, and Neglect) - Multi-Generational Trauma & Recovery – Difficult Childhoods - Family of Origin Issues - Releasing & Resolving Shame and Guilt

Anxiety – Panic – Terror / Depression including Grief & Loss Issues (including pet loss)

Anger, Rage – Power & Domination Issues

Creativity – Artist Challenges

Couples Issues –  Relationship – Interpersonal Conflicts/Challenges  -  Divorce – Separation Codependency Issues

Eating Disorders – Body Image – Body Detox Effects

Money Issues – Wealth & Inheritance Issues – Compulsive Spending Problems

Multi-Cultural – Immigrant Issues

Parenting Your Teenager –  Separation – Individuation Issues - Gifted Adults/Teens Work Issues – Stress management – Professional Job Burnout – Job Loss - Entrepreneurs



Sacred Prayer

Yoga & Meditation

Spiritual Inquiry

Earth Wisdom

Sacred Feminine



Coaching is different from psychotherapy or spiritual guidance work in that the process focuses on the development of a new vision of your overall mission in work, personal or other area of life, via the development of specific tasks and goals, and a pragmatic, simple and clear approach to accomplishing and manifesting them within a very specific period of time. Whereas therapy focuses on the underlying feelings, motivations, and underpinnings within any situation, coaching does not delve into these areas, but instead goes directly into the work, action, and movement that is required to move from point A to point B and to embody that work effectively and clearly.

I offer the coaching packages below to suit your individual needs. Choose one and begin to embody your authentic life or business spirit, occupational destiny calling and mission now. If you have tried this before and struggled, please come, and begin again today.

Supervision and Consultation for MFT Interns and Licensed Individuals

Trainings Offered For MFT Interns and Agencies

In addition to supervision, consultation and practice building services, Joanna is also available to counseling centers and training facilities to provide trainings. Her training style is warm, interactive, and multi-dimensional. Also she is sensitive to the needs and vulnerabilities of new trainees and interns. Training offers:

•         Developing Presence as a New Practitioner

•         Beginning To Work With Countertransference

•         Clinical Issues at The End of Therapy


For Psychotherapy, Spiritual Guidance, or Coaching services, please call Joanna Intara Zim at 415 923 0481. Visit http://joannaintarazim.com/