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City Walks are Great for Company Activities

thumb_sf_thinnest_high-rise.jpgThere are many ideas out there for company activities, things that fall under the "team building" category, which includes a large variety of group outings.

Some Bay Area companies take their staff to the country for some fun in the sun, maybe even a little bike tour in Wine Country. But all these ideas can cost money... money that many small companies don't have these days.

What can a small business or nonprofit do for their employees that won't break the bank?

Here is one really great idea - take your team on a walking tour!

Walking Tour - Example 1

In San Francisco you can invite your team to do a walking tour with the San Francisco City Guides. The group meets a volunteer docent at a designated area where the tour begins. These walking tours generally last only 1-2 hours.

thumb_diego_rivera_mural_san_francisco_club.jpgMany of us commute from around the Bay Area to work in San Francisco. But few really know about the many hidden jewels that the city has to offer. These include many relatively unknown attractions such as:

What better way to experience a beautiful city such as San Francisco than on foot?

thumb_sf_finacial_district_rooftop_garden.jpgScheduled tours are free for individuals. Private tours can be arranged with a minimum of 10 people for just a little under $150.

If you have a small business and there are less than 8 people in your group, you could simply join a scheduled tour and give a small donation at the end. City Guides is operated completely by volunteers and relies on donations.

Learn more about SF City Guides

Walking Tour - Example 2

As the capital of Marin County, San Rafael has a lot to offer residents and tourists. Even if you have lived and/or worked in San Rafael for many years a walking tour of downtown will give you an insight into the unusual history of San Rafael that you won't get anywhere else.

san_rafael_falkirk_cultural_center.jpgSo gather your colleagues and set a date to travel back in time. Connect with the past and learn about the pioneer families of San Rafael and Marin County.

See famous buildings such as:

boyd_marin_history_museum.jpgVolunteer guides tell the stories that make San Rafael history come alive.

Learn more about San Rafael Walking Tour

Walking Tours of Downtown San Rafael


Attention Travelers! How to Go Online for FREE

So you're traveling and you want to go online? But wait, you say you just don't want to pay those crazy internet access rates, and you would prefer to surf for free. No problem!

Here are some tips on how to SURF FREE!

Visit a restaurant or coffee shop with free WiFi

More and more cafes and restaurants now offer free wifi.

McDonald's offers free Wi-Fi at nearly all of its restaurants across the USA.

Panera Bread also offers free Wi-Fi at its restaurants.

Starbucks will soon offer free Wi-Fi nationwide,

The best news is: no registration required, no account required, and no time limit!

The new Starbucks Free WiFi program does away with any sort of registration, so forget your AT&T account info or your Starbucks card, you won't need them anymore.

Sign up with a Free ISP

When you surf the web you have so many freebies to choose from. But free internet access providers are not that common.
Here are some free ISPs in the USA. Note that most no longer offer free, unlimited usage. And these providers should not be used as a primary connection for your business.

Use them to get online when you're on the road, or as a backup service for when your primary provider is down.

Lists of Free ISPs:




NetZero (10 hours per month FREE)

Visit a Library

Many libraries now offer free internet access for their patrons. Hoorah for public libraries!

Visit other Stores with free WiFi

That would be places such as Barnes & Noble and other bookstores. Computer and electronic stores too.

Visit Other locations with free WiFi

Some airports, hotels, motels, resorts, rental properties and even campgrounds offer free wifi. Check before you leave the office!


Internet connections are everywhere and your laptop can easily piggyback on unsecure wireless connections. The issue here is whether you are using that service with or without the subscriber's knowledge. This is legally controversial.

The process of sending data along with the acknowledgment is called piggybacking. Piggybacking is distinct from wardriving, which involves only the logging or mapping of the existence of access points.



Support AB1998 for a CA Statewide Plastic Bag Ban

Every year I help in cleanup activities and I see how many plastic bags are littering our community. Plastic bags and plastic bottles are a primary source of trash in our environment.

Nothing we use once and then toss should be littering our sidewalks or swirling around in the ocean for hundreds of years. Plastic litter harms wildlife, hurts tourism, and with all the alternatives available it is absolutely unnecessary.



So I am very happy to announce I just added my business, Kahl Consultants, to a petition urging CA state senators to support AB 1998, a statewide ban on plastic grocery bags.

I recommend that you add your own business to the petition too!

Do it at the Environment California Web site.

How to fix and add Spaces in Wordpress

WordpressHave you noticed that Wordpress automatically edits out multiple line spaces? In fact, Wordpress has a pretty tough time with a variety of spaces that work just fine in regular text editing software.

This is because normal HTML text simply does not accept multiple line returns or multiple spaces.

For additional line spacing, you have to use some form of HTML coding or a workaround.

But don't worry, here are some ways to trick the Wordpress Editor;

  • Make a universal rule for all paragraph (p) tags in CSS to increase the spacing between all paragraphs.
  • Insert a blank spaces gif image
  • Add code to create a space
  • CSS tricks
  • Additional HTML tricks

All these should be used when you are in the Wordpress Dashboard in the HTML post editor.

A) Vertical Spacing in Wordpress

1. Blank lines:
add this code:

<div style="height:12px;"> </div>
<div style="visibility:hidden;height:12px;"> </div>

2. Line spacing ("leading"):
add this code:

<p style="line-height:1.4;">

B) Horizontal Spacing in Wordpress

3. Single space:
add this code:


NOTE: This trick is adjustable - it can be used it more than once in succession.

4. Creating space by using invisible characters:
add this code:

<span style="visibility:hidden;">PUT_CHARACTERS_HERE</span> INVISIBLE_CHARACTER

NOTE: This trick is adjustable by the number of characters typed in.

5. Distance between letters ("kerning"):
add this code:

<span style="letter-spacing:6">PUT_TEXT_HERE</span>

6. Distance between words:
add this code:

<span style="word-spacing:32">PUT_TEXT_HERE</span>

NOTE: Tricks 5 and 6 are adjustable: "span" is meant for words or phrases within a paragraph; for a single complete paragraph you use "p" instead.

C - Copy and pasting text that is preformatted (NOT RECOMMENDED)

<pre style="font:inherit;">

This code is supposed to retain the original formatting of any copy and pasted text. But usually it only retains some elements and not all formatting details. Therefore it is not recommended at this time.