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SEO for Small Business

This youtube video shows a summary of a lecture on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) given by Alex Kahl of Kahl Consultants. This SEO lecture teaches small business and nonprofit owners how to optimize websites for search engines with a limited budget. Contact Kahl Consultants to learn more about our SEO services.

How to Host, Store and Share Large Files

file storage serverWant to have your customers download and upload large files without requiring any additional software (such as an FTP client)?

Need to access your data while on the road?

Or maybe you're going trekking in Nepal and want to upload digital photos every time there is an internet cafe along the way?

Whatever your need, you can use a file hosting service!

It's easy to sign up with a provider of online file storage. There are plenty of internet hosting services designed to host static content, typically large files that are NOT web pages. They usually allow web and FTP access.

Many of such online file storage services will offer you server space on a per-gigabyte  basis. Sometimes there is a bandwidth cost as well.

On the other hand some companies offer the service for FREE!

Here are a few choices for ONLINE STORAGE, along with some reviews:

Box.net Epinions reviews

Driveway Epinions reviews

IBackup PCMag review - Editors Choice
Consumersearch review





If you would like to read some more reviews of these and similar online file storage services you can do so at:


PC World





Spam is BAD. Email Blasts are GOOD.

Email Blast MarketingDid you know that email marketing using double opt-in email blasts is more cost effective than website marketing?

Better yet, when you combine your website with email marketing you get a synergy effect and this is an most cost effective way to market online. Throw in some social networking a la Facebook or LinkedIn and you can even sell ice to Eskimos.

Before we go any further - we do not condone spamming in any shape or form. Do not purchase any email lists and then send out emails to those lists. Only use DOUBLE OPT-IN EMAIL MARKETING.

Lets focus on how to create EMAIL BLASTS. Here are some very basic tips that you can follow.


  1.  DO NOT USE OUTLOOK! Do not use any email software! Sign up for an EMAIL SERVICE where you can create professional looking email campaigns and track the effectiveness and the results. 
  2. Many email blast services offer nonprofits FREE or reduced price services. Some even offer free entry level services for commercial use; these are usually limited to a certain number of recipients.
  3. Use DOUBLE OPT-IN mailing lists. Let your users sign up for the service, and DO NOT SPAM
  4. Create an email template that matches the style of your website. This will reinforce your identity and branding.
  5. KISS (Keep it Short and Simple). If you have long articles only include the entry paragraph. Then link to your website for the full article. Also try to cover no more than 3 or 4 subjects per email blast.
  6. Think VISUAL. Have at least one image to accompany each article
  7. Include all your pertinent contact infos in every email.
  8. Give your readers something for nothing - a discount, a freebie, some free tips, free advice, etc.
  9. Do not send out too many emails. Monthly is good. 
  10. Add a sign up form to your website and let your visitors sign up for your email news.

Ready to start your email campaign? Some of the most popular email blast services are:


  • Free for up to 1000 contacts with up to 6000 emails a month
  • Unlimited emails for $15/month
  • 15% discount for non-profits


Vertical Response

  • *Free for up to 10,000 emails.


Constant Contact

  • The most popular Email Blast service.
  • $12/month for 500 contacts and unlimited emails; Prepay 12 months and pay $10.50/month



  • $24.65/month with annual contract
  • 20% discount for non-profits



Please contact Kahl Consultants for free advice about email marketing.

Marty has the Rx for Success

What is the prescription for success?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to learn how to be successful in life?

Motivational expert Marty Niedelman has succeeded in life and written a summary on how to be successful. He has read many motivational books, listened to tapes, taken courses, and attended lectures. He feels that in essence, everyone is saying the same thing in different ways.

By summing up all the knowledge he has obtained, you will reap the benefit. Being able to read his recipe for riches in thirty minutes or less, you can make it easy to fulfill your dreams.

By taking the time to read this synopsis, you show that you want to be motivated and you want to succeed. Motivation is something that can be learned, something you can make a habit of.

Marty calls this an Rx or recipe. If you use certain ingredients in a certain way, you can accomplish what you desire. By reading this short synopsis several times, you will engrain these ideas into your mind and you will become a success.

The price for the ebook version of Rx for Success is ONLY $2.00. A hard copied that will be mailed to you is available for $5.00