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SEO Package Offer

Kahl Consultants is offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages for ONLY $495. That is a one time fee!

This package consists of dozens of steps performed by our professional team to improve your site traffic including:

  • link building,
  • code tweaking
  • keyword optimization
  • blogging
  • online marketing advice

While we can't promise that you'll be at the top of Google we are confident that this package will help improve your ranking in the Search Engine Results!

If you're interested please contact us or watch the video and learn more details.

Look at what we achieved for one of our clients:


SEO Tip: How to Create Backlinks that Improve Your Website Popularity

At Kahl Consultants we do a lot of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tasks for our customers.

As many of you know your website ranking in the search engines depends on many factors including how many backlinks there are to your website. This is how search engines define your Site Popularity.

Here is one simple way to GET MORE BACKLINKS!

Recall that backlinks are links TO your website FROM other sites. Only backlinks will increase your website popularity. You don't want to add links to your website!

So how do we improve the popularity of a website in order to increase the rank in the search engine results?

One way to get backlinks is to leave COMMENTS on other blogs. Then you simply include your website link in your comment. When your comments is approved you will have a free backlink!

This video showing you a trick to find blogs where you can leave comments with a backlink.

Use this trick to find appropriate blog sites for you to leave comments on.
This backlinks article also has more similar tips.

And remember, leave a useful comment and include some of your key words in your comment.

Good luck and let us know if you have questions.

Go Green and Get Certified

Bay Area Green BusinessSo you want to go green with your nonprofit or small business? And you'd like a nice award or certificate to prove to everyone that you are indeed going green?

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area the Bay Area Green Business Program is not that hard for businesses to join, since many of the requirements are multiple choice (as in "meet 3 of the following 5 requirements").

Kahl Consultants did not have to make changes at all, we managed to meet the requirements without any additional expenses or efforts (aside from filling out a questionnaire and going through an on-site audit). However we had already invested in green items such as energy efficiency, solar power, water conservation, recycling, and so on.

In Marin County, CA, there is an additional level of green certification called the Marin County Sustainable Partners Program. Kahl Consultants was one of the first companies to receive the Sustainable Partner award, and it was considerably more difficult to achieve certification than for the Bay Area Green Business Program.

Greeen AmericaAnother popular green certification is GREEN AMERICA's Green Business Seal of Approval, which Kahl Consultants received in 2010.You can learn more about the green aspects of Kahl Consultants in our Green Business section.

Are you interested in going green with your company or nonprofit? The key to going green is to start right away with the "low hanging fruit" (the easy steps) and then commit to doing regular improvements - across the board - over time.

Vanity Spam, Flattery Spam, and Business Networking Scams

Do online scammers never sleep? There is a whole new wave of online SCAMS related to BUSINESS NETWORKING.

Have you received a SPAM from someone like the "National Association for Professional Networking" asking you to sign up for a business networking opportunity? Please be careful that you don't fall for these PHISHING attempts.

There are many similar emails and organizations offering business networking opportunities. Be careful if you get an and unsolicited email with a networking offer or similar offer for "special businesspeople like you".

Some of these spams come from real businesses with very shady practices, others come from complete and utter scammers. There is even a category for such spam - VANITY SPAM or Flattery Spam.

What are these scammers up to? First they mine your personal information online (quite easy nowadays). Then they ask for more additional personal information, for example in the guise of a "verify your profile" or "sign up for more information" request. They ask for phone numbers, company name, type of business, title... If you do answer you become a victim! You might as mail in a photocopy of your credit card with a sample of your handwriting.

Scammers change their names, websites and email addresses regularly. Here are just some sites and names to look out for:

Executive Who's Who 

National Association for Professional Networking

National Academic Networking Association

Distinguished Professionals Online

Learn more here:


Wikipedia Who's Who scam